Interview: Beauty Youtuber Wilonda Previlon On Creating Her Platform, Part I

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beauty youtuber Wilonda Previlon beauty influencer
The tag for her channel is “Where Beauty Meets Natural” and Wilonda Previlon lives up to it. Many Youtube fans consider the beauty and fashion blogger to be one of the of the most authentic beauty and fashion influencers on the platform. When singer Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand was launched, Wilonda Previlon was among the influencers sought out to help promote and evangelize the brand. The vlogger is one of those who-you-see-is-who-you-get types of content creators on Youtube.

Viewers have taken note of her style and so have advertisers who are looking to reach out to the 2 million people who’ve viewed her videos. Wilonda has even launched her own active wear brand Damaris Active Wear.

Kreyolcious: When you were little, did you ever picture yourself doing what you’re doing now?
Wilonda Previlon: Not at all. When I was little, I wanted to either be a police officer (that was my dad’s job in Haiti), or a figure skater. I honestly was never able to wear makeup until I got out of high school. My mom was not having that. All I could wear in high school was clear mascara and lip gloss. So coming from bare face to full face beats is a total 180.
beauty youtuber Wilonda Previlon beauty influencer

Kreyolicious: What propelled you to launch your Youtube channel?
Wilonda Previlon: I started to realize I was watching Youtube Do-It-Yourself and beauty videos way more than TV. So, when I decided to create my own channel, I solely wanted to provide content for young black women who are broke and looking for inexpensive ways to slay. I was just out of high school, a freshman in college, and working at a retail job part-time. So, buying expensive makeup was not ideal for me.

Kreyolicious: Are there times when you feel unmotivated?
Wilonda Previlon: Of course!

Kreyolicious: How do you conquer that?
Wilonda Previlon: When I feel unmotivated, I turn to God for a push. Then I go to my mom and my boyfriend. All three keeps me grounded and focused on the ultimate goal, and I am so appreciative that they encourage me when I need it the most.

Kreyolicious: Do you count your parents among your supporters?
Wilonda Previlon: Most definitely! My mom has always supported me with anything I do. She even helped me purchase my first camera to start filming. I just love how realistic and supportive she is. Love you mama!

Kreyolicious: Initially, did you have any reservations about launching on such a public platform?
Wilonda Previlon: Of course I did! Listen, I was so reserved about the whole Youtube thing, I didn’t tell any of my friends and other family members I was on there until a whole year later. After I got more comfortable with talking to the camera and improved on my makeup skills, I had courage to tell people.
youtuber Wilonda Previlon beauty influencer
Kreyolicious: What inspires your videos?
Wilonda: The comments and recommendations of my subscribers inspires my video ideas and ways to improve my content. Seeing that my audience still loves to see content from me and appreciates my videos gives me so much more motivation to continue on.

Kreyolicious: Where do you see the whole Youtube culture going?
Wilonda Previlon: Youtube as a whole has really changed in the past couple of years. Honestly, I don’t know where Youtube will be next, but to me, I am grateful the platform has helped me grow socially. It definitely has provided many opportunities I would not have imagined being a part of.

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