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Haitian American influencer Tara M Haitian Filipina
With less than a dozen videos posted on Youtube, content producer and vlogger Tara M has started to amass considerable following on the platform. One of the reasons why viewers gravitate towards the Youtube influencer is definitely her laid-back personality and her tendency for sharing her milestone moments with viewers like they’re old friends. In one episode, the influencer takes her fans into her apartment, allowing them a tour of every nook and cranny. This type of intimacy is prevalent on Youtube, but Tara M makes you feel like you’re not an intruder she’s obligingly letting in, but treats you with the hospitality you’d expect from a lifelong friend. One of the traits that distinguish her from her counterparts on Youtube is her Haitian and Filipina heritage. More about that some other time. Meanwhile…Let’s get started meanwhile…

Kreyolicious: Did you know that there is a plant in Peru called Tara?
Tara M: I did not know there was a plant in Peru called Tara. That’s pretty awesome! My name is not very common, so it’s always cool to see my name out there! Fun fact: my mom got my name from the romantic classic movie called Gone With The Wind.

Kreyolicious: It’s capable of growing up to 15 feet. Speaking of vegetation…What do you feel has been some of the biggest factors to your growth as a person.
Tara M: I think the biggest factor that helped me grow as a person is having my mother around. We are really close so she has always been very active in my life. When she sees I’m having a difficult time she would always guide me out of it. She also constantly prays for me so I know that God has a close watch on me. She has helped me develop my own faith in God as well.

Kreyolicious: What made you become a Youtuber?
Tara M: It all started 6 years ago. I started watching girls on Youtube creating fashion videos. The idea of talking into a camera, posting a video on Youtube, and reaching a wide audience seemed like a really strange concept at the time but it still intrigued me. I started posting videos of my own channel and I realized how much I enjoyed having an outlet to express my creativity. Six years ago girls were just posting Youtube videos as a hobby. It really wasn’t a career option yet. As years [have] gone by, I started seeing my Youtube/Instagram as outlets where I can create my own brand.

Kreyolicious: Why do you think your channel is successful?
Tara M: I believe my channel is successful because so far I put out content that catches people attention. I noticed people like to binge certain videos on Youtube. I tend to film popular videos with my own spin to it.

Kreyolicious: What sparks the ideas for your videos?
Tara M: My ideas come from videos I like to watch on my own time. It is just more fun for me to film a video that I’ve enjoyed watching as well.

Kreyolicious: You have to have gumption to be a Youtuber. After all, it’s like a world stage. How did you develop your sense of bravery?
Tara M: Whenever someone puts themselves out there, it’s a risk. With every positive comment out there, you also have to realize that there could be just one negative comment that can really bring you down. I think I developed my sense of bravery the older I got. I do get negative comments, but I think for some people as they get older things just don’t sway their confidence as easily as when we are younger. You become more sure of yourself.

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