Wind of Desire/ Le Vent du Désir Cast: Where Are They Now?

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When Wilkenson Bruna’s movie Le Vent du Désir was released in the early 2000s (2002).

The movie introduced Bernadette Chitolie, Genji Jacques, Metsuka Nicholas, Stephanie Henriquez, among a host of other actors.

Wonder where they are now, and what they’re doing? Some of you have emailed us, asking us to investigate. We have asked around, and this is the little report that we came up with.

BERNADETTE CHITOLIE: As the evil doctor from the depths of Hades Florence Casimir, Chitolie played the psychotic bad girl to the hilt, tormenting Nadine Laplante, played by Stephanie Henriquez. Privately though, Henriquez and Chitolie were very good friends. Since her appearance in Wind of Desire, Ms. Chitolie has been notably absent from the big screen. Some are surprised to learn that off-screen Chitolie is very well-spoken. She should be. She’s a graduate of the University of Miami, and teaches language arts at a Miami high school. Fans await an explosive comeback.

GENJI JACQUES: This actor played Gary Jean-Pierre, Richard Lazard’s voice of reason in Wind of Desire. The movie catapulted Genji Jacques to hunk stardom upon its release. The former University of South Florida student now works at a pharmaceutical company in Florida. He still has movies boiling in his blood, however. Since Wind of Desire, he has starred in the movies Hard Times, and Mary Jane. He has formed Mack-Jack Vision Productions and the inspirational entertainment company Godz Sun Productions, and has written several gospel plays.

KALIAH EUBANKS: One of the few non-Haitian members of the movie’s cast, Kaliah Eubanks makes her home in Florida. She keeps a low-profile.

RUDOLPH MOISE: Rudolph Moise raised up his profile quite a lot with this movie. Already a University of Miami law graduate, most astute observers guessed that his appearance as the lead actor in the movie was a great and clever strategy to raise his visibility in the Haitian Community. Their hunch was correct. Moise, who owns and oversees a health clinic in Florida, ran for Congressman in District 17 under the Democratic ticket in 2010. Three years earlier, he had starred in the straight-to-DVD feature Haitian Nights, alongside African-American actress Kenya Moore.

STEPHANIE HENRIQUEZ: The NY-born, Europe-educated young miss, played Nadine Laplante in Wind of Desire, the real love interest of attorney Richard Lazard, who discovers that her soon-to-be-husband has been dilly-dallying behind her back with the psychotic Florence. Following Wind of Desire, every director wanted to work with Stephanie. Henriquez was also high in demand as a TV host, and hosted a music video show at one point.

WILKENSON BRUNA: After Wind of Desire, the writer-director went into producing, helping director Richard Senecal with producing duties with the movie Cousines. There were rumors that a Wind of Desire sequel was in the works, but nothing ever came of it. Bruna also started a distribution leg of his production company Will Brothers Entertainment, and oversaw the world distribution of Catherine Hubert’s film La Face de L’Ombre. Reports have surfaced that Wilkenson was going into the hospitality business in Haiti, but whether Bruna intends to overwhelm the world with another cinematic production, remains to be seen.

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6 comments on “Wind of Desire/ Le Vent du Désir Cast: Where Are They Now?”

  1. I luv da movie the songs are terific..i enjoy watch..alll of ya did an excellente work iluv it..ithink ya should came with wind of desire 2…iwish ya da best…cant wait 4 another one tooooo come…breakaleggggggss..yaaaaaaehh miii my black hatian nd you stephanie…te amor

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