Kreyolicious Interview: How Wesli Brought His Brand of Roots-Reggae-World To The Canadian Music Scene, Part 1

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Five years ago, Wesli Louissant won the title, Galaxy Rising Star at a music contest. At this point, he’s done rising. Three albums, and dozens of high-profile, show-stopping musical performances later, he’s now “up there”. “There”, as in one of the most popular and afro-reggae-roots artists on the Canadian music scene. This past June, he launch an exhaustive world tour that has brought him to Liverpool, England, Belgium, and most recently Spain, where he was one of the headliners of the a music festival in Huesca, Spain.

The singer collaborated with the singer Mikaben recently, but his most frequent collaborator is his guitar, which he is rarely without when performing on stage. The three aforementioned albums released practically back-to-back have established the singer as a solid force on the Canadian music scene, and as one who creates meaningful music.

Wesli Band music

Kreyolicious: So, you started on a US tour a few months ago. How did it go?
The USA was a real success. I shared the stage with the Queen Haitian Soul Roots Emeline Michel in more than twenty cities on US soil. That was a breakthrough for me. That Creole Carnival Tour gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to US mostly non-Haitians music lovers who are likely appreciating World Music from around the world.

Kreyolicious: Can you take me through the creation of your latest album?
Wesli’s creation always have a special process of human development. I don’t make music to search for special attention or to make the world like me. But I make it because I have a Mission to improve myself as a human being and to make the world a better place for us to live. The ImmiGrand album is testimony to tell that we are all immigrants on this earth. History can tell that we all have displaced from a place to another, a world without border is a better place. We all have to learn how to live with each other one day or another. Adaptation, integration are a learning process since the beginnings of this Earth. Learn how to live together and acceptance of each other is important. Once you achieve these, we call you “ImmiGrand”. With an upper-case G, in my poetry language means you are a Great Human, a Grand immigrant, your effort and your contribution make us a better society. That’s the title of my latest album. That’s another way to call our Haitian and African Diaspora who contributed to our new society—one that is multi-cultural. In the West they’re also ImmiGrand.
Wesli Immigrand

Kreyolicious: Have you been to Haiti lately?
Yes. I was there to film my latest music video “J’ai grandi dans un Ghetto” early this year. I went to Jalousie, Carrefour Feuille and Cité Soleil. I felt very welcome in, the people in these ghettos where i grew up showed so much love and warmth to me I felt like home again.

Kreyolicious: Has any of your fans ever gotten out of control to the point where you feared for your life?
No. My fans are like my family in that difficult music Industry. They are very smart. We used to discuss deeply on different important topics—politics, economy, climate, society etc. I wish I had more time to exchange with them. They are my guarding angels. I want to tell them “Thank you” for their inspiration.

Wesli Band Festival Belgique
Above: Onstage…During his recent performance at the Festival Belgique, a world music festival held in Belgium.

This concludes PART ONE of the interview with Wesli. Be sure to check out PART TWO!


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