Kreyolicious Music: Some Thoughts On The Band Vogge’s Latest EP The Lust Edition

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Vogge music
Dance hall Creole duo Vogge released an EP recently containing the song “Back to Back”. The musical style of the duo is quite rambunctious. This rowdiness and playfulness manifests in their music video for the track.

The four-track EP entitled The Lust Edition, also has its share of love songs, or should I say anti-love songs. The track “No Love”, for instance, has one of the narrators telling his girl, “Don’t wait on me”, as he chooses to chase and idolize money, power and trifling pursuits instead.

The aforementioned “Back to Back” outlines the adage, “One day for the hunter and a day for the prey”. It’s all about how your actions can catch up to you, and the fact that there’s going to be a day of triumph and a day of malediction for all.

Undoubtedly the most heavy-hitting track on the EP, “Places” plays with a little bit of everything. One can note the base reggae sound of the band, but there’s also some Haitian pop thrown in there, and even West African rhythms. The lyrics are more substantial.

There’s also this other track “Do Ba”. It surpasses “Back to Back” in terms of partying spirit. I can see folks at a contemporary nightclub jamming to this for sure. The lyrics are so very catchy, that one wonders if there’s a dance to go with the song.

Vogge’s sound is rather different from the Haitian bands I’ve listened to. The heavy leaning towards dance hall, and the blending of world sounds, including R&B. They seem to have a thing for experimentation. Now, according to the band’s website, this is its second EP. If a full-pledged album is what’s next on their plate, following the direction of “Places” will take Vogge to more places.

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