Interview: Stephanie Voltaire, The Fashion Entrepreneur Behind V-Lure Designs, Part II

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V-Lure Designs hadnbags by Stephanie Voltaire
Entrepreneur Stephanie Voltaire creates stunning creations for her V-Lure Designs collection. She’s also a woman on a mission. In the future, the astute business hopes to launch a project whose mission is to encourage young women to cultivate ethics.

In Part I of my conversation with her, she talked about how she went from hobby to business. This time, we’ll look deeper into her entrepreneur journey.

Kreyolicious: As someone who designs things for women to compliment their outfits and looks, were you always confident about your own looks?
Yes, honey! That is one thing that I am absolutely confident about, my sense of style and my look. I constantly get compliments from friends and strangers on my fashion sense. It’s never a challenge for me to put an outfit together or to go for a certain look it always comes naturally. I think it’s very important for every woman to be confident with their style and the skin that they are in.

Kreyolicious: Based on what you know, are there things that you would have done differently with the V-Lure Designs brand?
Yes, the things that I would change are: Create a business plan before I started my business…although I did start as a hobby. Invest more money in my business to start off. Put a team in place. I would start off with a better administrative and financial plan and tracker.
V-Lure Designs handmade fashion bags

Kreyolicious: What factors and what individuals have made you the business woman you are today?
Failure! Failure! Failure! The moments where I failed in life have made me the woman that I am today. Many people see failure as a dead end/ I look at failure as the beginning of a new tunnel with a light at the end. I have learned to use my failures as set-ups instead of setbacks. To say the least, I’ve had many moments in life where I’ve failed but those moments have changed my life for the better.

My mother Marie-Jeanine Compere Voltaire has also made me the woman that I am today. Her dedication to her family, her worth ethic, and belief in God has inspired me and showed me that I can do anything that I put my mind into. I grew up to a mom where a “no” was a motivation to do better to get a “yes” and that is how I live my life. After God, everything that I am today and know today I owe to my mother.
Vlure Designs bags from fashion
Above: These ladies are all rocking their V-Lure Designs bags!

Kreyolicious: What’s next for you and V-Lure Designs?
[Last year] I experienced some depressing and heart-breaking life changing events. Through my times of sadness, I found some relief through social media! Yes, you heard that right…social media! I found myself scrolling up and down Facebook and IG. Through my scrolling I encountered many motivational quotes and memes that spoke to my situation which encouraged me and lifted my spirits tremendously. After thinking and praying, I decided that I could use my handbags to encourage women, in the same way social media did for me. From this experience, “Bags with Purpose” was birthed! From summer 2017 and on, all bags from V-Lure Designs by Voltaire will now include a label with an inspirational scripture for encouragement. With Bags with Purpose, our mission is to empower women one bag at a time!

CLICK HERE to visit V-Lure Designs and purchase Stephanie’s beautiful designs.

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