5 Success Principles We Can Learn From Vladimir Duthiers, Journalist

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Vladimir Duthiers CBS Journalist and correspondent
Whether he has a CNN news camera aimed at him, or whether he’s surveying the grounds prior to an air show, Vladimir Duthiers is the man…the news man. He’s everywhere it seems. After a stint at CNN, he moved on to CBS News where he continues build up his stellar resume with prestigious assignments. He’s a success for sure, an overnight success some might say! Not! Let’s examine his journey and determine the 5 Success Principles we can learn from his career.

1. No matter how far you are in your journey, you can always start on a new one.
Today, Vladimir Duthiers may be known as a journalist, but did you know that he spent most of his post-undergrad years in the world of finance? Eighteen years in a field, and turning your back on it! Moreover, his initial degree wasn’t even in finance. He actually majored in Political Science. See a pattern here? You might prepare for one road, and get set on another one! The thing is to be honest with oneself.

2. Some so-called down-grades are actually part of the upgrade process.
Vladimir went from an entry-level position at a financial firm to being the managing director of capital firm, to Vice President of a major asset company in Luxembourg. In the mid-2000s, he decided that he wanted to try his hands at the broadcasting business. As a financial industry transplant, could he find a place in this news sector.

Vladimir Duthiers was not opposed to getting a position as a production assistant. From Vice President to production assistant? What? Well, yes. Duthiers worked for CNN’s Christine Amanpour in that role, and in less than six months his diligence and hard work was recognized and he moved on to the role of Associate Producer for Anderson Cooper 360. He ended up covering one of the biggest news stories of the early 2010s…the earthquake aftermath in Haiti. Two years later, Vladimir Duthiers was courted and hired by CNN. How’s that for upgrade, baby!
Vladimir Duthiers 5 Success Principles We Can Learn From him

3. Get some skills that will help you regardless of your industry or field.
Goodness knows that having bilingual parents doesn’t always mean that you’re going to be bilingual! As the New York-born son of Haitian parents, Vladu learned Haitian Creole and French. As an adult, he studied Japanese and Chinese, and he’s managed to gain intermediate fluency in both languages. With both Japan and China being such a major part of the global economic scene, these language skills will certainly come to be useful for the man whose first love was finance. Moreover, in the world of broadcast journalism, knowing languages other than English will never stop being handy.

When CBS needed someone to be a correspondent in Nigeria, Mali, and Algeria guess who they called on? Japanese and Chinese aren’t the national languages in Nigeria (or any of those other places), but because of Vladimir Duthiers’ international aura, CBS brass wanted him.

4. Never stop learning.
Like you didn’t know that one! But it bears repeating! To Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism he went. In spite of his busy schedule, he managed to get his Master’s of Science in Broadcast. Whether he has remaining journeys in other fields or wants to continue in the world of journalism, he has his graduate degree in tow!

Vladimir Duthiers 5 Success Principles We Can Learn From him

5. Stay ready, and be ready.
Overall, Vladimir Duthiers is an example of what can happen to your life and your career if you continuously prepare for the life and career that you want. Sometimes, this meant getting supplemental education, displaying willingness to start over in a new field, or acquiring a skills that took him out of his comfortable surroundings. The lesson here is to remain polished, as an opportunity may come sooner than you think!

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