Top 25 Haiti Tourism Influencers You Should Know About (6-10)

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top Haiti tourism influencers
Okay, the list of top Haiti tourism influencers continues! It’s time to give these hard-working folks a little pat and lwil maskriti [er, castor oil] massage on the back. Whether they’re tour operators, hotel owners, tourism book authors, Haiti tourism photos aggregators, they are worthy of praise! Did you check out #1-5 of the countdown? If not, CLICK HERE! Now for the next couple of folks on the list! Your favorite chick Kreyolicious is going to count them down to the very end!

6. Stephanie Villedrouin
top Haiti tourism influencers
The former head of Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism, Villedrouin is credited by many observers with signing several deals, putting structure in place to aid Haiti’s tourism industry. Her team’s intense social media program made Haitian-Americans and other individuals of Haitian descent discover Haiti’s potential as a hot tourism spot.

7. Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism
top Haiti tourism influencers Haiti Ministry of Tourism
Overview: Without a “main office”, most companies can’t function. Well, consider Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism as a main office for Haiti’s tour operators, hotels, and the like. It establishes infrastructure, keeps others abreast on the latest developments in Haiti tourisms, deals signed, and tourism milestones reached.

8. Zoom Sur Haiti
top Haiti tourism influencers
Overview: Launched by a pair of Haitian-Canadians, Zoom Sur Haiti targets French speaking travelers of Haitian descent, as well as French speakers who are also travelistas! CLICK HERE to visit the Zoom Sur Haiti website.

9. Jerry Tardieu
top Haiti tourism influencers list
Well, it’s one thing to have upscale travel magazine-level sites for tourists to visit, but where are they going to stay? Tardieu launched Royal Oasis, a five-star hotel in Haiti that has become a primary destination for both business and luxury travelers. CLICK HERE to visit the Royal Oasis website!
Royal Oasis top Haiti tourism influencers
[Photo Credit: Verdy Verna.]

10. Paul Clammer
top Haiti tourism influencers Paul Clammer
Overview: Clammer wrote the first English-language guide to Haiti in decades in the mid-2010s. He followed it up last year with a revised and expanded edition. Clammer’s work is especially important because of his reputation as a travel writer for the prestigious Bradt series. He and his publisher are based in England—a country that definitely could expound on its knowledge of Haiti’s offerings. CLICK HERE to read more about Paul Clammer and his Haiti guides.

There you have it! The top Haiti tourism influencers! Do you know of any Haiti tourism up-and-coming companies or know of others that are about to be launched? Sound off below. Plug them! Plug, plug away! Give Haiti tourism influencers their moment!

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