An Interview With The Founder of Haitian-American Apparel Brand TMMG

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The TMMG Store brand emits a great deal of buzz, especially on the social media platform Instagram, where most of its fans first discovered it. But who is behind this emerging brand, and what challenges has this entrepreneur come across? Well, wonder no more! The entrepreneur who calls the shots behind this cultural and heritage brand is a Port-de-Paix, Haiti-born, Miami-Dade College student named Zimaco Merizier.
TMMG clothing brand entrepreneur
Kreyolicious: How did you get your start in the fashion industry.
The fashion industry and the apparel business are part of my life. I grew up in a family and household of professional tailors, especially my father. At an early age, I was learning the clothing business, and [was] involved in music matters as well, learning how to make pattern, learning about fabrics, garments and so on. [Ever] since then, I’ve been involved in the clothing business, while art was always my strongest skill. These are the fundamental reasons that brought me into the fashion apparel [industry]. The other thing that brought me into the apparel business was this: I [was] always upset [when] I was a kid to see [that] Haiti, [and] the Haitian community didn’t have a relevant urban fashion clothing brand or a street wear brand. I [saw] that [this did] not interest none of our Haitian artists, or other personalities either in our community. So, that’s another reason that brought me into the apparel business. I [wanted] to see the Haitian community have a well-known worldwide brand that everyone can wear on daily basis…these are the fundamental reasons.

Kreyolicious: What would you say is your brand’s philosophy?
My brand philosophy is to be worldwide known as an Haitian based clothing brand. First, it’s to promote our culture through clothing on a higher standard. Secondly, it’s to be the brand that will make Haiti recognized as a reference When it comes to urban fashion brand.
TMMG Store Haitian American clothing

Kreyolicious: Why the name TMMG?
TMMG itself means a lot me, and it’s connected to my past life, and has a lot of stories behind it. Since I was a kid, growing up in Haiti, my approach, mindset, and the way I was focused, always different, and surprised others, especially my entourage. Since then, I was looking for a word and term that can describe my mindset, my vision, due to my point of view of life and one day I came up with the Trillionnaire Mind idea, and at that time I didn’t know if this term or word exist, because I didn’t hear it from no one [else] before. I'[ve] been branding the Trillionaire Mind name way back in Haiti, and that’s where the TMMG came from, and the MG (Media Group) was added to Trillionnaire Mind. Now, it’s Trillionnaire Mind Media Group. Why MG? Since my company is a clothing Brand, and Record Label, so the media is the only term that can describe or combine this two, which is music and fashion. That’s why the name is TMMG, and our slogan is “The Brand of a Trillionaire Mind”.

An interview with the entrepreneur behind the TMMG Store

This concludes PART I of the interview with the entrepreneur behind the TMMG. Be sure to watch out for PART II.

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