Interview: Beauty and Style Youtuber Sara Clair, Part I

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beauty and lifestyle youtuber Sara Clair
You might visit beauty and lifestyle vlogger Sara Clair’s channel to get her take on the latest beauty product, but find yourself clicking on her heartfelt videos about less-than-glamorous subjects like depression, and losing a friend. Sara is the sort of Youtuber who wants you to be beautiful on the outside, but wants you to take care of your inner self too.

Sara is a seasoned business woman too. She will soon launch Blaque Envy, her own makeup line.

The popular Youtuber will talk about her heritage in Part II, but for now, she’s going to let us in on her journey as a Youtuber.

Kreyolicious: What made you become a Youtuber and content creator?
Sara Clair: Starting my summer vacation leading to my sophomore year in high school, I had no activities going for me and I was literally banned from going out. That left me time with just a computer. I always was fascinated when it came to hair and makeup and I was just curious to know how they achieve these different looks and styles. I loved the creativity of it all so I started to discover different Youtubers like Peakmill and many more. I spent so much time learning techniques and I loved that the fact these Youtubers had the ability to post whatever they wanted to share at their own time for people like me to enjoy. As I continue to surf through Youtube, I notice something that troubled me. It was the fact there aren’t many Haitian Youtubers, especially in the beauty community. So when I decided to create my channel, my goal was to become one of the biggest Youtubers as a Haitian woman to knock down the stereotypes that are held to our titles. Also, I wanted to give content for my community as well.

Kreyolicious: All eyes are on you when you’re a Youtuber. How does that affect your approach?
Sara Clair: My approach is honesty and to give the best content I can to my ability. I, being part of the Youtube audience to many Youtubers, I appreciate the efforts they put into their videos and honesty that comes along. I wanted to bring the same vibe to my channel, no matter if I am doing a first impression to a product or I am doing a review. The reason why is because your audience can tell if you are honest or not and can also tell if you actually do enjoy creating content for them or you’re in it to reap the rewards.
beauty and lifestyle blogger Sara Clair on Youtube

Kreyolicious: What’s your favorite video from your channel?
Sara Clair: I have two favorites. The first being my recent is my depression video and my second being my first Haitian Creole makeup tutorial. The reason why I love my depression video is because it was my story, it was my truth and I felt like my truth can help someone who us going through it. It also I felt like it was vital to bring it to people attention that it is real and a serious thing that needs to be dealt with properly. For my second video, I felt like I help many people who aren’t fluent in English but in creole actually understand the steps to achieving a look. When I sat down to do this video, I knew I had people from Haiti who watches my videos and at times I know they don’t understand. That pushed me to do it , to help my Haitian women who wants to beat their face and actually connect with me in the process of learning the craft I enjoy.

Kreyolicious: What would you say to a Youtuber starting out?
Sara Clair: Have patience, love what you do, and put your all. Not everyone has the luck of starting out big or getting a million views on their videos. But if you continue pushing out good content and you enjoy what you do then it will be rewarding at the end.
beauty and lifestyle blogger Sara Clair Youtube

Kreyolicious: Where do you hope to take your career?
Sara Clair: I hope to make it where Makeupbyshayla, Jeffree Star, Jackie Aina, and more are in their careers. It is important I get there not just for the success but to help open doors for other Haitians or Haitian-American girls that wants to take the same path.

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