An Interview With Haitian Singer Wanito

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Haitian singer Wanito performance
Haitian singer Wanito is getting ready to release his sophomore opus. His self-titled debut was released on Peacetones in the mid-2010s, and was laden with socially-engaging tracks. Last year, he was named “Best Caribbean Artist” at the African Entertainment Awards, held in Boston. His mission is to elevate the minds of Haiti’s youths with his reggae-tinged music, and with lyrics centered on education, on the trials of new college graduates in Haiti, and other social issues, he’s hit a nerve with fans in his homeland. Meanwhile, the Haitian-American community who’ve discovered him across social media show their solidarity with him when he performs in places like New York, Orlando, and Miami.

Kreyolicious: How did you get started in the music business?
Greetings to all reading this interview. Well I come form a musical family, music has always been around me, my uncle was part of a band when I was younger so I use to hang around listening to them…I thought myself how to play guitar after I started composing music writing lyrics and telling stories and so on.👂🏽

Kreyolicious: What gives you the most satisfaction when it comes to being an entertainer?
What gives me the most satisfaction is when the people identify directly with my music, the lyrics when it touches them and they feel it’s a personal story, Their story.. it makes me feel like I speak for them directly and I do. Music is so powerful in that way, and I don’t take it lightly. 👂🏽

An interview with Haiti singer Wanito

Kreyolicious: What would you say has been the most memorable moments in your career so far?
Wow most memorable moment? All are memorable to me, there are so many, every time I see a little child singing my music word for word, that memory never leaves me. I remember a fan told me once their child learned how to speak from listening to my music. My whole career is memorable to me. It’s the full journey.

An interview with  Haiti singer Wanito
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Kreyolicious: Which singers have had the most impact on you?
Which singer has had the most impact on me? That’s a hard question cause I appreciate all singers you can learn something from them all. But…to name a few Reginald Cangé (for his voice), Richie (for his creative and lyrical content), Freedom (Christopher Laroche ) and The album that I most liked growing up was titled “Premiere danse ” by Nickenson Prud’homme

An interview with singer Wanito

Kreyolicious: Where do you get the inspiration for the songs you released on your first album, and the ones you recently released?
All my inspiration comes from life in haiti, the haitian people, I’m telling my story, my experiences and other people’s stories I witnessed.. I also add my imagination at times 👂🏽

Kreyolicious: Are there other artists that you’d like to do collabos with?
Artists I’d like to collaborate with? Any artist really. If the music touches me, that’s most important. It’s not really about the person. I have to feel and believe in the music👂🏽

Kreyolicious: What are you working on right now?
I’m working on so much. The musical journey is a promising one, so I’m always working on something new whether its a new song, new beat…I’ve been producing a lot more now. I produced my last single “Mpa bezwen konnen”, and I’m working on others. New videos, new album, shows, tours and new inspiration. Thank you kreyolious for always supporting me thank you to all the fans reading this. Until next time…Sa se Wanito…

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