An Interview With Singer Saskya Sky + She Discusses Debut EP

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Saskya Sky Debut EP
Miami-based bombshell Saskya Sky is as sassy as her hair is blonde. After treating her fans to a Creole version of Adele’s “Hello” entitled “Alo” earlier this year, the petite diva has stepped out with a full-pledged EP aptly titled Debut. It features the danceable “Touch My Body”, as well as slower jams like “My Haiti”. Here she is discussing her craft, her year thus far, and her latest offering to her fans.

Kreyolicious: The year isn’t over yet. But what’s the best thing that has happened to you as an artist so far this year?
The best thing that has happened to me this year is completing my EP. It’s my first album with five songs—which means it’s very close and personal to me. I wrote and recorded every song and I like every song on it. I’m hoping that by having a few amount of tracks gives my fans a chance to get close and personal with the project.

Kreyolicious: What was it like putting it together?
It was a lot of work. I spent many nights at the studio writing and recording. I chose my songs based on my personal experiences with life, love etc…
Saskya Sky Debut EP

Kreyolicious: While we are on the subject of songs, you did a version of Adele’s “Hello”. Why that song?
It’s a beautiful song, and it’s very popular. I knew I would get my message across with it.

Kreyolicious: You have spoken out about bullying. What would you say to those who have been bullied and continue to be scarred by what they suffered?
Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself—whether it’s going to the authorities, your parents or dealing with it yourself. Bullies are so weak and naive, they will only go as far as you let them.
Saskya Sky Debut EP

Kreyolicious: Do you think it’s important for artists to be involved in the artistic process?
Yes! It is very important for artists to be involved in the artistic process. As an artist, your work is a reflection of you. You have to be aware of what’s being put out there because, at the end, there’s only one person to blame, and that’s you.
Saskya Sky Debut EP
[Photo Credit: Rossini Dubois]

Kreyolicious: Out of all the songs you’ve written, which is your favorite?
My favorite song is “Kité’m Alé” [Release Me]. It expresses how I feel most of the times. And whenever I sing it, I feel free.

Kreyolicious: What advice would you give to someone who wants a career in music?
Get ready for a lot of disappointments. It’s not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of work and dedication. You have to genuinely love music to pursue it as a career.
Saskya Sky Debut EP
[Photo Credit: Rossini Dubois]

Kreyolicious: What should your fans expect from you?
To always see me stepping outside of the box.

[Main Photo Credit: Jeff Romel/Saincity]

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Stay connected with Saskya Sky by visiting her her website SASKYA SKY as well as her social media pages FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.

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