5 Record Labels That Should Sign Singer Phyllisia Ross, Like Now

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Singer Phyllisia Ross and 5 Record labels that should sign her!
After being groomed by her former record label SoBe Entertainment as a South Beach Beyonce, songwriter and singer Phyllisia Ross wiggled out of the constraints of the traditional record label box, and started promoting, marketing, and building herself. Any record that snatches Mizz Ross already has more than half of the work done. The artist has a solid fan community that follow her moves and look forward to her new song releases. Whether in Guadeloupe, Paris, Abidjan, Port-au-Prince, New York, Orlando, Montreal, or Miami, they come to see her showcase her brand of organic world soul. She’s a deft songwriter, and writes songs in multiple languages, so the winning record label won’t have to foot six figure production songwriting fees from external songwriting teams. And as far as the singer Phyllisia Ross herself? No more having to worry about everything herself…from video production to marketing, to touring…Let some record label worry about that!

So, let’s look at five record labels that would be a great musical abode for the singer.

1. Parkwood Entertainment
Overview: Parkwood Entertainment is Beyonce Knowles Carter’s record label. Thus far, Beyonce has been extremely selective about who gets in and who gets an invitation to join. On the roster are just three artists Chloe X Halle, Ingrid, and Sophie Beem.
What Phyllisia Would Bring To This Label Phyllisia would definitely deliver a multicultural aura to Parkwood. She’s released songs in Haitian Creole, English and French, and goodness knows having been born and raised in Miami, she probably picked up a little Spanish here and there. Like the incumbent Parkwood Entertainment artists, Phyllisia is multi-faceted, from acoustic sets to her impromptu jamming during her performances, like the one she pulled at Griot Fest in Palm Beach recently. Her presence at Parkwood Entertainment would also mean the use of her songwriter-skills for other artists on the Parkwood Entertainment label roster, and who knows, she could write or co-write songs with Beyonce herself.
5 Record labels that should sign singer Phyllisia Ross

2. Sony Music Entertainment France
Overview: Sony Music Entertainment and its European partner label Sony Music Entertainment France are as big as record labels come. The label has retained its prestige, power and reputation, even as pundits point out at the decline of the traditional record label.
What Phyllisia Would Bring To This Label Youthfulness, for one thing! Many of Sony Music France’s artists are classic and long-established artists. Phyllisia/Mizz Ross’s joining would mean young blood. Right now, Sony Music France have very few artists under 30—singer Sindy, Black M, being among the few. Phyllisia doesn’t necessarily have to be brought under the France leg—she could come under the mainstream Sony Music Entertainment banner, and release a French album under the France branch. Most of the artists under Sony Music Entertainment/France are doing straight, mainstream pop music (whether in English or French). The fact that Phyllisia is a multicultural woman would make her appealing to the wide, increasingly multicultural communities in France, Switzerland, North, West, and East Africa, Russia, and other multicultural markets all over Europe, Africa, and Asia, and of course the Caribbean.
Singer Phyllisia Ross: 5 Record labels that should sign her..Parkwood Entertainment, RocNation, OVO Sound, Universal Music, Warner Music France

3. RocNation
Overview: Roc Nation has a reputation as a “street” label, even though lots of “soft core” artists are on its roster. There’s an Emily Sande, Justine Skye, Claudia Liette, Dorothy, Alicia Rose, and so on, but there’s no Phyllisia Ross.
What Phyllisia Would Bring To This Label A staunch Caribbean and Creole flavor. Also, RocNation has a growing Latin label, demonstrating that it’s trying to test the international market and be more than a U.S. label. Just six artists have been added to Roc Nation Latin, and only two females at that. When record labels create Latin divisions, the next step is usually an International division. Phyllisia has the ability to be the breakout artist that can help RocNation penetrate markets outside of the USA. Phyllisia would in good company alongside Dominican-American star Romeo Santos. They could even do a Creole-Spanish duet together!
Singer Phyllisia Ross and the 5 Record Labels that should sign her

4. Universal Music
Overview: Drake, Selena Gomez, Kanye West and many others call Universal Music home. In addition to its mainstream division, Universal Music is also the home of artists like Kalash, Kaaris, Booba, black artists who are marketed by the France division. Universal could go two routes with Phyllisia…either put her alongside its mainstream acts, or better yet, build her up into the quintessential diva alongside the aforementioned male artists.
What Phyllisia Would Bring To This Label Her talent, her multiracial appeal, and her unique sound. Right now, Universal Music France doesn’t have an artist like Phyllisia Ross on its roster. By “an artist like Phyllisia Ross”, I mean that they don’t have a black woman, who they could push on the international market, and who has demonstrated multilingual singing skills, and can hold her own in the studio.
Singer Phyllisia Ross and the 5 Record Labels that should sign her

5. OVO Sound
Overview: Okay, so it’s basically all Canadian artists on this label founded by one Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Just because it’s all-Canadian right now doesn’t mean that it should remain this way. And thus far, the label is all male with the artist roster consisting of Drake himself, PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, Roy Wood, OB O’Brien, and DVSN.
What Phyllisia Would Bring To This Label Female presence! Imagine OVO Sound doesn’t have a First Lady, and not just anybody should become First Lady to this label. This is where Phyllisia Ross comes in, bringing her lady charm, and most of all her golden voice and stage presence!

Phyllisia Ross has shown that she’s very strategic when it comes to her career. Let’s see which of these labels will be the first to sign a deal with her.

And what are your thoughts? Of these labels, which would you like to see her signed to?

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So, there you have it folks, 5 record labels that should sign Phyllisia Ross, like now. This has been another episode of Kreyolicious Music, brought to you by your fave chick Kreyolicious. Until next time!

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