What’s Next For Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier?

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Raquel Pelissier Miss Haiti Universe Haiti
Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier made history over the weekend as the first contestant from Haiti in nearly forty-two years to made it to runner-up status at the Miss Universe pageant held in Manila, Philippines. Those who were following the pageant from the beginning waited with bated breath as the 25-year-old made it to the Top 20, then the Top 10, then the Top 6, and then was alongside (Miss France) Iris Mittenaere,(Miss Colombia) Andrea Tovar, as a part of the Top 3. Miss France won the crown, but to many, Miss Pelissier was a winner too!

A huge welcome awaits her in Haiti, one can surmise—as well as the major cities of the Haitian Diaspora. The visibility she’s earned as Miss Haiti Universe will no doubt bring endorsement offers and other opportunities. A modeling contract?

Raquel Pelissier Miss Haiti Universe
Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier as styled by Waina Chancy.

And she doesn’t have to wait for companies to court her! With the buzz around her, she can create something of her own.

Miss Pelissier is an optometrist and she’s been extremely verbal about treating ocular disorders. With such medical and scientific leanings, she can join forces with a solid eye institute towards her ultimate goal.

Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier
Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier in a Fernando Marin gown in the last part of the Miss Universe showdown with Miss France!

She revealed over the course of the pageant that as an infant she was in a coma that lasted nearly a month. In addition to her education platform, there is a possibility that perhaps she could add pediatric health?

Miss Haiti Universe holds a Master’s Degree in Scientific Research. Will she pursue a doctorate next? Or will she put her education aside (for now) to field the opportunities coming her way?

Miss Raquel Pelissier Haiti Universe

She may even go the same route as Ariadna Gutiérrez, the Miss Universe runner-up from the previous year, who had a plump role in the action film XXX.
Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier

Whatever she decides, she must act quickly, yet shrewdly! May Raquel Pelissier continue to shine ever so brightly.

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2 comments on “What’s Next For Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier?”

  1. Ms Pelissier is no doubt a beautiful, smart, and charming woman who represented Haiti with pride and grace. After her new-found fame, however, I couldn’t help but notice her insistence of letting the world know she is part-Filipino (even when her ancestor is a few generations behind), rarely speaks Creole, while attempting to float the Haitian pride everywhere she goes. Why is it that when a Haitian woman is beautiful especially when that beauty meets certain standards, she and almost everyone else is quick to point out her mixed heritage? It would have been more sense if one of her parents, or even her grandparents were Filipino, but a great-great-great? If we were to test the genetics of all the women of our land, wouldn’t they find at least a little something foreign in all of them given our diverse the Pearl of the Antilles is?

    I am proud of Ms Pelissier, she proves that yes women from Haiti can go ahead and conquer the world, but it’s time we stop justifying the beauty of an Haitian woman with foreign blood.

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