An Interview With Jersey Rapper Kertasy, Part Two

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Rapper Kertasy
“I didn’t work this hard/not to show it off,” rapper Kertasy raps on one of his trademark tracks. If he’s going all out on everything, it’s because he’s toiled, sowed, planted and cultivated. So, when it’s time for him to eat off his labor…well…you shouldn’t mind if he helps himself to it all!

The Wick-based rapper is part of a new legion of MCs coming out of the New Jersey area. His marketing savvy is as lethal as his game as a spitter. Working with street-pipers like Producer T, Pierre Hugo, D Ron That Track and others, the rapper has created a sound that his fans readily identify.

Kreyolicious: That track…”My Hair”…how did it take shape?
Me and my close friend Devin, who’s featured on the track with me, was in my crib coolin’ as we usually do every day and I was going over some beats this producer I knew emailed me. Around that time, Devin always recorded in my living room ’cause he always traveled with his book bag packed with a Macbook, mbox, mic and mic stand in his trunk of the car to record vocals anywhere he pleases. We always hung at my crib, so of course everything was set up already and I suggested we do a collabo on the beat. Were both creative writers so instead of your regular lovey-dovey girl record, we thought bout making a sexy/fun song addressing the warnings females usually give to us men about not messing up their hair after just leaving the salon when we tryna have sex. Like what girl, especially a black women, after getting her hair done haven’t warned their man or significant other before they get it in with—“Don’t mess up my hair”? [Laughter] It’s very relatable to a lot of women. And plus, when [was] the last time you seen two rappers collaborate on a record strictly for the females, which wasn’t a remix & the type of music we like doing, the collab made sense. Then a year later, we shot the video with Itchy House Films and released it thru my VEVO channel and the feedback been great.

Kreyolicious: Who would you say has influenced you the most where music is concerned? Or do you have multiple influences?
Of course beside the greats who I grew up listening and watching: Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, Fabolous, Mase, Pac…I’ve also been influenced lately by a lot of the other indie artists who put in the same similar grind and route I’m currently taking who made it & broke thru with the new wave of gettin discovered which is the internet. So that really influences me to keep pushing. Like, if they did, I can too as long I remain focus..

Kreyolicious: Let’s talk about your song “Your Love”. I noticed that on the art for the single…there’s this weighing scale, and on the scale, three…no two scantily-clad women are piled on there like clothing store mannequins.
That artwork cover is visual metaphor ’bout how the girl’s love for me outweighs all the other pretty—or as you put it—“scantily-clad” women that may come around me or are in my face.

Kreyolicious: You ever been to Haiti?
I went back to visit at the age of eight for like a week and I never been back since. So, my goal is to definitely go back as a major artist and perform where I was originally born at and really check it out because I don’t remember too much about Haiti personally.

Kreyolicious: What should we expect from you in time to come?
Well, I just dropped my new mixtape/album Kertasy Of... [which] you can stream now on my Souncdloud page. Along with a music video for a record off the mixtape titled “Timber”. I went a different creative route by shooting a three-part music video series strictly for Instagram only. Not youtube, not vevo, but only my IG page you can see this video (@Kertasy). Also, more videos will got shot and released summer while I’m currently already working on the part two of that mixtape which was a way bigger rollout release this fall. So, I’m excited and can’t wait ’til ya’ll hear all this dope new music I’m currently working on.

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