Haiti Carnival Songs To Have Longer Lifespan On @PleziKanaval Two-Volume Albums

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Plezi Kanaval
What’s that now? Plezi Kanaval Songs from Haiti’s carnival will be made available on a two-volume compilation released by Plezi Kanaval founder Carel Pedre. A search on Amazon revealed that this is one of the first times in recent times that such an initiative has taken place for Haiti’s carnival.

For Haiti’s carnival artists, this is a novel way to monetize their work. Pedre revealed on social media that not only are these compilation authorized by the carnival artists themselves, but also all proceeds from the sales of the two compilations will go towards the artists themselves.

Countries like Trinidad, the Bahamas, and Brazil routinely have their carnival compilations on sale on media channels like CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes, but it seems that for Haiti this has been done sporadically. In the aforementioned search conducted on Amazon.com, a 12-song collection of Haiti’s carnival songs from 1951 figured in the results as well as a 1971 collection by the band Orchestre Tropicana.
Plezi Kanaval

The record label Putumayo put out a collection of Haiti carnival songs, but the songs in the collection were from various years. A search on CD Baby for carnival compilations from Haiti didn’t yield much: a few songs here and there, but no carnival song collection from a single year.

Could these Plezi Kanaval compilations be the beginning of many other such initiatives to market Haiti’s carnival on other platforms and to also extend the carnival’s reach beyond parade floats?

The release date for the Plezi Kanaval albums has not yet been announced.

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