Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ruth Celestin On Self-Care, Female Friendships, Her Future

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celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ruth Celestin
When you’re one of the most wanted and most requested plastic surgeons on the planet, and you’re balancing family life, plus your other obligations, how do you keep yourself from neglecting yourself? Dr. Ruth Celestin of Oculus in Georgia is one of those always-on-the-go medical professionals. When the whole world looks at you as if you always have it together, and don’t need any self-nourishment, how do you handle things? And what about friendships, especially women friendships? How meaningful are they to a professional woman’s well-being?

Here she is answering my questions about self-care and friendships…

Kreyolicious: As someone who is hugely successful…people come to you not only for their plastic surgery needs but also to be mentored, to be counseled. We hear of people who are the go-to person for everybody’s needs but who have no one to turn to for those needs. How do you make sure you take care of “you” too? Wow, hugely successful?
Dr. Ruth Celestin: Consider me flattered. I see myself as more of a work in progress [Winks]. But to answer the question, I do give 100% of me to my patients and staff, sometimes to the point where it can be stressful. There are days where I have talked so much all day to so many people that I come home and don’t want to utter another word! But I’ve also learned that you have to prioritize yourself to have anything left to give others. To take care of me, I lean on lessons I learned from mom, who is a cosmetologist as well as a nurse and absolutely beautiful at her age: I find enjoyment in self-maintenance. You feel good when you look good and this is not vanity it’s reality. I have a “girl cave” as my husband calls it where I spend quiet time and beautify. Hair, nails, massages, spa days, shopping, workouts, girlfriend time. All to-do’s, but I make sure I enjoy them by putting the phone down and engaging with my friends, trainer, stylist or technician. Or, if I’m just too tired, it’s headphones and great music while I’m getting pampered or working out. No emails or calls during “me” time! For a doctor that is very difficult, but having a great team in place makes it possible even if only for short periods of time. I have a lot of respect for their personal time and in return they do for mine as well and I’m grateful for that. Last but certainly not least I’m super blessed to have a wonderful husband who takes excellent care of me, even when I forget to take care of myself!
Dr. Ruth Celestin plastic surgeon board certified
Kreyolicious: Are you going to write a book someday?
Dr. Ruth Celestin: Yes! I am going to put it out there so as to hold myself accountable! Writing a book is on my list of things I want to do. I have a lot of life yet to live and I don’t think I or anyone has all of the answers but… I’d like to think that my struggles and experiences might serve as inspiration and give someone a more clear path to their own success. And also tell a fun/entertaining story while I’m at it. Maybe there’s more than one book in me??

Kreyolicious: What else are you working towards accomplishment wise?
Dr. Ruth Celestin: Oh so much, it’s impossible to list. My mind is always working on the next project. As I mentioned, I see myself as a perpetual work in progress— I’m a perfectionist and happen to be my own biggest project. God is not done with me yet, and I’ve got some big dreams. In the short term, I plan to travel much more (we just got back from Paris celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary!). We’re getting a puppy, planning to have a family, and long-term I’m planning to take over the world. Nothing big. [*winks*]

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