Phyllisia Ross Back Home After Concert Series in Canada

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Phyllisia Ross made quite the impression on the folks over the northern border recently. The honey-voiced singer held court during a series of concerts in Canadian cities, mainly Toronto and Montreal.

Phyllisia Ross Canada
Phyllisia performed such songs as “Konsa” and “L’Union Fait La Force” for her fans, who sang right along with her.

Phyllisia Ross Singer

For her performance in Toronto, Mz. Ross took the stage wearing a tank top and a gold-glitter, nearly-floor-length-skirt. Here she is taking a pause on stage as concert-goers took time to take snaps of her. She’s been wearing her hair naturally for a minute now.

Phyllisia Ross Haitian-American
Mz. Ross was an honorary guest in Montreal’s City Hall and gave an acoustic concert the following day. Check out her head wrap in this photo.

With the welcome she got in Canada, it’s a wonder Mz. Ross came back to the USA. But home (in her case, New York) is home.

[Photography Credit: Edouard Archer/Archer Photography]

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