Don’t Tell Me You Haven’t See Phyllisia Ross’ New Music Video Di Mwen Yet! Well, Here You Go!

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Phyllisia Ross Di Mwen
Video: Phyllisia Ross Di Mwen

Have yous seen Phyllisia Ross’ new music video for her song Di Mwen? Well, in case you haven’t, you can do so below. Wearing her curly locks, the Haitian-American singer-songwriter-pianist preaches a message of self-love. The music video features appearances by singer Mickael, as well as a legion of other women.

Miss Ross sings about the sisterhood, but she’s also singing about the importance of having a solid support system.

Wearing a series of form-fitting outfit, and a spider sheath dress that seems to have been inspired by the singer Cher or 1920s silent film star Alla Nazimova, Ross sings passionately about self-acceptance and the need to belong.

Ross has experimented so much over the course of her young career. From being molded by record companies as a South Beach Beyonce, to her finding her true self: a world music artist whose style and vocals know no boundaries. She has some great vocals, and her stage presence is undeniable, getting her tours and performances in New York and Miami, and garnering her plenty of demand in places like Mauritius, to La Reunion, France and Canada.

The fact that she feels as comfortable singing in French and Creole, in addition to her native language English, is earning her fans all over the world. “Konsa”, one of her previously released music videos, has more than 4 million views on her Youtube channel alone. The artist has a great deal of physical appeal, but it’s apparent that while she flaunts it, she’s not depending on it.

I think that with time, we’re going to see her expand professionally. Does Mickael’s appearance in the video hint at a future collaboration? Miss Ross can write and produce for other artists too perhaps? She’s already shown time after time that she’s a very astute songwriter.

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And now without further ado, watch Phyllisia Ross Di Mwen video.

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