Patsy Faublas of Troupe Nü’Bien On Bringing Heritage Performances To Montreal

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Fanm Fo-Patsy FaublasThe founder of a Canada-based theatrical performance group Troupe Nü’Bien, Patsy Faublas was born in Montreal to Haitian parents. As a child, Faublas was sent off to live with her grandparents in Haiti. She stayed there for four years, before her parents had her brought back to Canada.

Faublas says her parents still marvel at how much she remembers from those brief years on the island. Her fountain water-clear memories of those years in Haiti has helped her write a play entitled “Monològ Fanm Fò” (Monologues of Strong Women). The play consists of vignettes from historical figures of Haiti’s history.

Faublas manages the troupe while pursuing a doctorate in Industrial Psychology.

How did Troupe Nü’Bien come about?

I had presented my project to a business adviser at my local job in youth services. Throughout the meetings, we came up with the idea of setting up the Troupe Nü’bien. It became a necessity in order to support the mission and vision that I had for my community. Mr. Constantin Tombet, my adviser, believed in this project since the beginning! He stood by me and here we are!

Are you surprised by how the community in Canada has reacted to the productions of Nü’Bien?

Pleasantly surprised! I knew it was something that we needed, but I did not expect people to understand and feel the same way automatically!

Fanm Fo-stage performance

Above: Members of Troupe Nü’Bien during a performance.

You’re also the author of “Monologue Fanm Fò”. Tell us about that.

In 2010, my people and I started off the year on a wrong note—if you recall the earthquake that year in Haiti…The media all around the world were describing Haiti on such bad terms that I felt the urge to do something…I had a play that one of my best friends really loved. Since it was a heavy project, she suggested that I simplify the play into monologues. In order to present Haiti differently…we wanted to share the truth and the beauty about Haiti…It had to be original— because that’s what Haiti is and much more…We still exist and we are standing firm!


What should those wanting to wet their feet in the field of theater know about the field?

It’s an adventure [that’s] about passion, truth, strength, perseverance and dedication.

What are some of the goals you have in mind for the theatrical troupe?

I would like the artists to be able to live decently from their art, showcase Afro-Caribbean art to the other ethnic communities, perpetuate knowledge of self to the younger African-Caribbean generation in order for them to nourish—not reject—their African and Caribbean heritage and much more.

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