Noemie Lorzema: The Voice Canada Singer’s Story

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Noemie Lorzema
Noemie Lorzema is the singer all of Canada can’t stop talking about. At 18, she’s the star of this year’s La Voix Canada (the Canadian version of The Voice).

Watch this video of her blind audition for the show.

The song is “Lift Me Up”, by Christina Aguilera.

And here she is again, this time doing her take on “Hello” by singer Adele.

Even when she’s doing covers of well-known songs, her talent shines through.

Here she is remaking “Give Me Love”, by Ed Sheeran.

A native of Canada born of Haitian parents, the Haitian-Canadian community wasted no time in acknowledging her and her accomplishments.
Noemie Lorzema

Here is Noemie Lorzema being honored by the Haitian Consul in Montreal, Canada.

Noemie Lorzema
What’s next for her? I’ll be watching this singer, and you should too.


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