An Interview With Natural Hair Stylist Miguerlande Cayo Of I Am Nubian, Part II

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Miguerlande Cayo I am Nubian NYC natural hair guru
Natural hair stylist Miguerlande Cayo runs I Am Nubian, one of the most popular salons for natural and relaxed hair in New York. The Haitian-American entrepreneur and her team of two full-time stylists will braid, crochet, perm and sew clients’ hair—depending on their preferences.

Previously, we spoke about how she got her start in hairstyling. Now, we’re going over the challenges of being a beauty and hair entrepreneur, as well discuss I Am Nubian’s future.

Kreyolicious: You might be biased being that you’re from New York, but when it comes to hair trends…do you think the NYC and Brooklyn set the tone for the rest of the world…
Yes, and I would also add Atlanta, Georgia to that list.

I am Nubian NYC Miguerlande Cayo
A crochet style from I Am Nubian NYC.

Kreyolicious: Have you had to deal with tough moments?
Absolutely! At times, I’m extremely frustrated and hurt that when I’m overwhelmed I can’t just call my mom or dad and get that reassurance from them. I’ve dealt with people not believing in me, my dreams, my talent. But what I will say is I am forever grateful for the friendships that I do have that are more like family, my friends’ mothers treat me as if I’m their own, and that is very gratifying. These friends that are my families are also my support system, I can call, pop up and we can speak about everything wholeheartedly and pure sincerity and honesty. I am grateful for a man who takes responsibility of being my significant other, and who never steps in the way of my dreams and pushes me to be the best me. In this generation of selfishness, I give thanks for each and everyone of them.
Miguerlande Cayo I am Nubian NYC interview

Kreyolicious: You visit Haiti often?
Yes, not as often as I’d like but as often as I can.

Kreyolicious: If Mimi were to press the restart button on her career, where would she take herself and what would she do differently with I am Nubian?
Absolutely not! In all honesty, without my mishaps and the downfalls I wouldn’t appreciate all that I’m blessed with. All of it is a process and I’m still on my journey.

Kreyolicious: Where do you see the I Am Nubian brand five years from today?
I see I Am Nubian expanding from a home salon to a shop outside of my home. I see me adding more stylists [from the] sisterhood. I see us growing even more and continuing participating in humanitarian events and fundraisers.

This concludes Part II of the interview with Miguerlande Cayo! CLICK HERE to check out the first part!

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