Interview: Mrs Haiti International On Feeling Beautiful, Female Friendships and Life-Changing Books

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Mrs Haiti International 2017 Judy Leger beauty queen
Even if Judy Leger chooses not to enter another pageant, she’s already made her mark in the world of pageantry. The mommy pageant queen recently made history at the Mrs. International pageant when she made history as the first representative from Haiti to figure in the Top 16 pageant. As the reigning Mrs Haiti International, she had much to say about her growth as a person, female friendships, and sisterhood friendships.

Kreyolicious: What made you enter the Mrs. Haiti Intl pageant?
Judy Leger: I wanted to be able to promote my platform, domestic violence, on a higher level. The Haiti International pageant is all about leaving a legacy.

Kreyolicious: Do you believe in female friendships?
Judy Leger: I most certainly do. I believe only women understand women. Although we make it hard for one another, I know we need each other. That is why I founded my nonprofit organization, Chit Chat with Juju. I am pro-women!

Kreyolicious: What was the best thing about being part of the pageant?
Judy Leger: To be able to meet other incredible women promoting their passion and giving back to their community. Also, I got a chance to promote my nonprofit organization, Chit Chat with Juju. My organization believes [in] rehabilitating women that are or [or have] had a dramatic past. We give them courage and hope with the brunches and workshops that we have.

Kreyolicious: When do you feel the most beautiful?
Judy Leger: I feel the most beautiful when others know where I come from and what my past was like yet find me inspiring anyway.
Mrs. Haiti International 2017 Judy Leger
Kreyolicious: What books have changed your life?
Judy Leger: The Sisterhood Effect is a very good book. We are reading it in our small group at church. It talks about pulling other women up as we come up.

Kreyolicious: What is the one thing that you used to be mediocre at that you now excel in? How did that develop?
Judy Leger: I use to be mediocre in speaking in front of a crowd. With my nonprofit organization, we do empowerment brunches and panels a lot. I had to put my fears aside to be able to give other women hope. Letting them know that their current situation is not their final destination.

Kreyolicious: Mark Twain is credited with saying that we tend to regret the things we didn’t do in life than the things we did do. Can you relate?
Judy Leger: Oh, yes! I can relate on so many levels. I wish I would’ve paid more attention to the signs of a womanizer. I also wish I wasn’t such a loner and was more spontaneous. I have always been extra safe.

Kreyolicious: What if you had to curate songs to reflect your life…a soundtrack…what 6 tracks would make it on there?
“Prettiest Girl in the World” by Tamar Braxton. “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. “You Are My Strength” by William Murphy. “Day One” by Tamia. “Soldat” by Maxiimus. “It’s Just You and Me” by Phyllisia Ross.

Kreyolicious: What’s next for you?
Judy Leger: I plan to one day open a safe house for abused individuals. With God’s help, I will promote my platform internationally.

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