Haiti Launches This Year’s Edition of Miss Haiti pageant: Read About The Journey So Far

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The Miss Haiti pageant has been launched! This year’s contestants are a nice bunch (as usual!). They gathered in Port-au-Prince, and were picked from all over Haiti’s cities.

Miss Haiti pageant 2016

The try-outs! Look at these gorgeous smiles and the confident air that reigns throughout.

Well, well, look at them in their jeans and navy blue tee-shirts.

Miss Haiti pageant

Hey there, ladies!

Miss Haiti pageant national

Watch them strike a pose!

Miss Haiti 2016 contestants

A few more of them.

Miss Haiti pageant national 2016

Aw, so adorable.

Well, wishing all of them the best! In another post, we will take a closer look at these kreyolicious contestants.

MEANWHILE, CLICK HERE to read about Haitian and Haitian-American beauty queens!

[All Photos via Miss Haiti]

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