Who Will Be Crowned The Next Miss Haiti 2017-2018?

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Miss Haiti 2017
Reigning Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier became the second runner-up during the Miss Universe pageant, held in the Philippines last year. Now, the time has come for the beauty queen to hand over the crown to another young women. So who will be crowned Miss Haiti 2017-2018?

Tonight, that question will be answered in Port-au-Prince!
Miss Haiti 2017 contestants

It’s now down to 10 contestants. Over the course of the evening, it will come down to three finalists then to just one young lady.

Here are the contestants in another group photo….
Miss Haiti 2017 contestants bikini

Miss Haiti 2017 Gerline Moreau
This is contestant Gerline Moreau in a yellow gown. She served as a volunteer during the 2010 earthquake.

Here’s contestant Junnie Michel.
Miss Haiti 2017-2018 Junnie Michel
She lost her police officer dad at a young age, and was raised by an aunt.

Cassandra Chery is all smiles. She lost her mother to breast cancer, and this has turned her into a crusader against the disease.
Miss Haiti 2017-2018 Cassandra Chery
Miss Chery was previously a contestant in several other beauty pageants in Haiti.

From the city of Port-au-Prince, we have Miss Haiti 2017-2018 contestant Alise Murielle Saralee.
Miss Haiti 2017-2018 Alise Murielle Saralee
She took the initiative and set up an education program for kids in her neighborhood. She previously represented Haiti at the Miss Haiti Caribbean pageant in Saint-Martin.

Daphnee Brutus was born in Haiti, but has spent the last couple of years in Europe after being adopted.
Miss Haiti 2017-2018 Daphnee Brutus

She holds an annual barbecue in order to help 10 of her countrymen to attend school.

Here is Weendy Loodyma Legerme. She moved to the USA as a teenager, and finished high school there.
Miss Haiti 2017-2018 Weendy Loodyna

She currently works with the non-profit organization Lanmou Manman. A seasoned beauty queen, she previously held the titles Miss Global 2016 and Miss Majestic 2017.

Alexandra Eloisier has internship experience at the Florida House of Representatives. She is a law student.
Miss Haiti Alexandra Eloisier

Like many of the other contestants, she’s had her share of misfortune. She lost several close family members in the 2010 earthquake.

And here’s Caroline Minerve Sanchelle Begein.
Miss Haiti Caroline Minerve
An aspiring architect, Miss Begein has worked as a translator for the U.S. Embassy. She started an environmental campaign to raise awareness about pollution at one of Haiti’s rivers.

Chrystel Dufour is a former Miss Heritage Haiti.
Miss Haiti 2017 Chrystel Dufour

She’s currently working on a Master’s degree in Communication.

[Photo Credit: HR Marsan Photo/Information Credit: MissHaitiOrg]

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