5 Success Principles We Can Learn From @MarlieHall, Reporter and Journalist

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5 Success Principles You Can Learn From Marlie Hall
A journalism graduate from Saint John’s University, Marlie Hall’s first job was as an anchor for News 12 The Bronx, a Twenty-Four hour news station. Today, she’s one of the most recognizable faces on CBS and a respected, award-winning business woman. Her career has brought her to the red carpet at the Tony Awards, and at the commemoration of major historical events. Join me, your favorite chick Kreyolicious as I examine the 5 Principles We Can Learn From Marlie Hall.

1. If you’re going to blow money and time on education, be selective.
Marlie Hall received a journalism degree from Saint John’s University, one of the most prestigious Schools of Communication in the nation. Wanting a more solid background, she enrolled in an MBA program at Dowling College. The MBA has been recognized as one of the more reliable degrees, and as one of the few that’s viable through recessions, cultural shifts, and economic crisis.

2. Create something of your own.
The MBA she earned at Dowling College helped her develop the business strategies and acumen to create her own company Marlie Hall Enterprises, LLC. She later formed a non-profit organization Mission to Sassier to create awareness about health issues in Haiti.
Marlie Hall 5 Success Principles You Can Learn From

3. Diversify…diversify.
Marlie has never been satisfied with doing one thing, and she never will. Marlie is an anchor, a host, and a community leader and fulfills each role with equal passion.

5 Success Principles You Can Learn From Marlie Hall

4. Don’t expect things to be handled to you.
Feeling and acting entitled is a sure-way to get your breakthroughs and blessings blocked. Following graduation, Marlie worked for two years as an intern, writing copy for the news staff at WLNY TV 55 in New York. Some people can’t imagine putting in two months at a corporation without being compensated, but Marlie knew this was the way to get into her dream career. She put in double of what Malcomlm Gladwell calls The 10,000 hours before News 12 The Bronx snatched her up for a lucrative position. After years of proving herself, she earned posts at The Food Network, NBC and now CBS.

5 Success Principles You Can Learn From Marlie Hall

5. Challenge yourself. Constantly.
Every time Marlie has slipped out of her comfort zone, she’s been able to reap a good harvest. Her awards include a New York Festival Television Programming & Promotions Award and a Bronze Telly Award for Outstanding News Feature for her reporting.

Marlie Hall-5 Success Principles That You Can Learn From Marlie Hall

There you have it folks, the 5 Success Principles We Can Learn From Marlie Hall.

Marlie Hall Entertainment / Feature Reporting Reel 2013 from Marlie Hall on Vimeo.


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