Mrs. Haiti International Lulu Orange On Personal Growth And Her Future

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Lulu Orange is the reigning Mrs. Haiti International, having been crowned by pageant organizer Hermanie Pierre at a ceremony this past Spring. A motivational speaker and radio show host, she exemplifies the vision of the Miss Haiti International mission.
An interview with Lulu Orange

I personally admire beauty queens, because I feel that you have to have a lot of gumption to enter a beauty contest. All the beauty queens whom I have interviewed for the site have always been bold. Lulu is no different.

Check out her responses to my questions about everything from her future, to friendship, to beauty, and her book-reading habits.
Lulu Orange Mrs. Haiti International
Above: The proud Mrs. Haiti International Lulu Orange with two NFL legends.

Kreyolicious: What led you to enter the pageant this year, and not the previous one?
I met a beautiful woman by the name of Hermaine who I met in Las Vegas at a pageant event and was so happy to see that she was also Haitian. When she told me she was the director of the Mrs. Haiti International pageant system, the rest was history. So honored to represent Haiti at the International pageant and honor my Haitian family whom are from Cap-Haitian which I represented at this year’s Mrs. Haiti International pageant.

Kreyolicious: When do you feel the most beautiful?
I love make up and dressing up but when I don’t have make up or a pretty gown on and I hear a random person say to me “you are so beautiful.” That makes me feel good because they liked the natural me.

Kreyolicious: Are you a huge reader? Which books have contributed the most to your personal growth?
Yes, I read. Books that has helped shaped my life are those that are inspirational and spiritual. Books that I’ve read include The Secret, and The Purpose Driven Life. These books has helped me go through some difficult moments in my life and have inspired me as well as get in-tune with my spiritual self.

Kreyolicious: ​Have you ever been friends with someone who made you feel insecure about yourself?
Honesty is the best policy. As friends, we should be able to let each other know when there is an issue. This needs to be the foundation. In the past, if my friends did not comply to this, than I had to move on.

Kreyolicious: If you were giving the version of you from two years ago some advice, what would you say?
Don’t rush. Enjoy life. Take your time and smell the roses. Go to the beach more and just go for it. I’m learning to just love life and enjoy every moment.

Kreyolicious: How do you stay positive?
I stay positive by knowing my purpose and what God has intended me to be on this Earth. I love inspiring other young women to be successful individuals and instill in them you can be anything no matter your socioeconomic background.
Lulu Orange Mrs. Cap Haitien Intl
Above: The pageant queen taking the time to strike a pose.

Kreyolicious: Have you been to Haiti lately?
I have not been lately, but am planning a trip next month to not only see the beauty the country has to offer but to push my platform of promoting our youth and mentoring them to become successful individuals. I am having a backpack drive to give to schools for children who are in need of school supplies.

Kreyolicious: What should we expect from you in two to five years?
In two to five years, I hope to expand my family and have a biological child of my own and continue being a loving mother to my stepchildren and Pomeranian. Career-wise I would like to be promoted and be on the corporate team that leads all rehab centers for the elderly as a Regional Operations Manager for the current company I work with. My passion is to continue to help the youth realize their full potential and continue to mentor and see them through their goals. I also see myself on TV programming that is entertaining, but also have a self-help platform. Hopefully, I can become the next Oprah!


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