5 Goals That Should Be on Lionel Moise’s Bucket List #kreyolicious

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5 Goals Lionel Moise Should Have
Chicago news anchor Lionel Moise is an overachiever. But there’s nothing wrong with adding more with making one’s accomplishment cup runneth over. Here are some goals that the Miamian should consider adding to his bucket list.

1. Make an appearance as himself in a movie.
Hey, anchors and other TV personalities do it all the time. Chicago is a huge market for filmmaking, and there is a hard-working Film Commission board ready to put the spotlight on the city. Lionel Moise already has camera experience, and knows a thing or two about camera blocking. And if he doesn’t want to play himself, he could always play President Barack Obama in a biopic—Young Barack Obama: A Portrait of the President or play Aubrey Graham in a biopic about Drake’s life.
End goal: He can become eligible to join SAG!

2. Form a strategic partnership with a major player…say…Netflix
Lionel Moise is the co-founder of Sock Concierge, a startup that delivers socks to its legion of male subscribers.

Netflix emerged with its socks program less than a year ago. The socks are built with a device that can turn off the TV if a user falls asleep while watching a program. Lionel could work with the video-on-demand giant on new designs, or he and his business team can create special edition socks for fans of certain shows.

End goal: Increase revenue for Sock Concierge, and increase the startup’s visibility, and attract venture capital.

3. Start a summer camp for inner-city youths
Lionel Moise was born in Miami, Florida—the state that is home to Carol City, Overtown, Liberty City and thousands of inner-city youths. Lionel could establish a nonprofit to launch this summer camp. He could even do it in collaboration with his Alma Mater the University of Miami, who has a great Cinema Department and a solid School of Communication. Participants could be underprivileged kids (youths in the juvenile system, and at-risk programs) and overachievers (kids excelling in school, Mensa junior members, etc).
End Goal: Giving back to the community that made him and personal satisfaction that comes from helping others.
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4. Create an anchor-training school
Sure, he probably gets six figures as an anchor for a top news market, but after the IRS takes its cut…And Chicago is an expensive city to live in. In any case…this could be a nice diversion.

Lionel has been a professor, and holds a Master’s Degree. What better joy than to teach others what you know best and make some money while at it!

Lionel could offer news producing courses, and news packages tutorials. His students could be first-year anchors on the job and aspiring newscasters and hosts. He could offer this a few times a year, so as to not cause too many conflicts with the news station.

End goal: Train up-and-coming anchors, while creating another stream of income.
5 Goals Lionel Moise Should Have

5. Produce a documentary
About what? Something Chicago-related, perhaps? But definitely something that commands more than a news bite. The history of black newspapers and black magazines as subject comes to mind! Or a bio-doc about Richard Abbott, the founder of The Chicago Defender-–which will cover the Chicago angle and the news angle.

End goal: an accomplishment outside of anchoring and entrepreneurship.

There you have it folks, 5 GOALS LIONEL MOISE SHOULD HAVE ON HIS BUCKET LIST from your fave chick Kreyolicious.



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