Interview: Beauty and Lifestyle Youtuber Sara Clair, Part II

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beauty vlogger lifestyle youtuber Sara Clair
Beauty and lifestyle Youtuber Sara Clair is part of a legion of Youtubers who are advocating being natural and authentic in a world of Photoshopped lives and overly curated digital content. Her candid style has won her a lot of views.

Kreyolicious: What was it like growing up Haitian-American?
Sara Clair: Growing up Haitian-American for me wasn’t as challenging until I got a little older. I grew up in Orange, New Jersey and in my surroundings were around mostly Haitian people. Some who just came to the states learning the English language or some that have been here for some years. All I knew was that I was Haitian, not Haitian-American. My mother instilled pride in me to remember where I was from and who I am and that I was not American, but Haitian. It became a little challenging when I got older and my parents decided to live in Atlanta. That is when I realize that I was very involved in my culture and I barely knew anything about the American culture but what I learned on TV, or a little from school. It was challenging when it came to views and understanding even when it came to the language I spoke.

Kreyolicious: Are your parents fans of your channel?
Sara Clair: At first, my parents didn’t know anything about my channel. When I shared with them, they watch my videos consistently. My mother is my biggest supporter.

Kreyolicious: Have you been to Haiti?
Sara Clair: Yes, I have been to Haiti multiple times in my life due to the fact most of my brothers and sisters live there and majority of my family.

Kreyolicious: What books have had an impact on your life?
Sara Clair: The Bible, Think Like a Man, [Act Like a Woman], and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

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