Interview: Youtuber Monsieur Blain Advice To Those Wanting To Start A Channel

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Call him Monsieur Blain. Call him Mr. Youtube, rather. With his growing subscriber base, his fun videos and zany commentary, Mr. Blain has one of the fastest-growing channels on the Youtube platform. We’re done discussing the creative aspect of his work. And now, let’s move on to heritage…

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Kreyolicious: The Haitian-American upbringing varies. What was yours like?
Monsieur Blain: My upbringing was very interesting. My dad was very stern. I was terrified of him as a kid. My mom was very caring. She’s prob the best cook of all time. Everybody from church would actually come to my house just to eat her cooking. But my upbringing was at times very Haitian. We went to Bobby’s every year for school shopping. My mom made rice for my lunch. One time, My dad whipped me one time because I cursed in kindergarten then he made me go on my knees then he forgot me and fell asleep! I grew up in Hamilton, New Jersey and I must say there were so much Haitians at school I got tired of seeing Haitians. The white people at my high school started speaking Creole with us because we almost outnumbered them. My life is very much Haitian, but also strongly mixed with American culture. I didn’t have a chicken farm in my basement like some of these other guys.

Kreyolicious: Have you traveled to Haiti?
Monsieur Blain: I traveled Haiti when I was two years old sadly. I barely remember it, and my parents didn’t budge to visit when we were growing up. They say it’s too dangerous, but I want to go back actually sometime [next year]. I want to feel the beautiful weather, vintage Haitian food, and just relax and learn of my roots.

Kreyolicious: I recently realized that although I’m always asking females that I interview on this site when do they feel the most beautiful, I never ask male interviewees the same question…this said…When do you feel the most handsome?
Monsieur Blain: Now that you gave me permission, I can have my light skin moment right now [Laughter]. I feel most handsome definitely when I dress up for black tie events, Galas, weddings etc. I’m a huge fan of dressing up. Clean suit, shining watch, elegant bow tie, shiny shoes, and topping it off with a stylish but clean haircut. Trendy, yet still classic. I love it. My confidence level is on 100 right at that.

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Kreyolicious: Give some words of wisdom to someone who wants to start a Youtube channel but has too many interests and can’t seem to decide on just one theme.
Monsieur Blain: One thing I struggled with when I first made this page was trying too hard to get huge amount of views. So, I made random stupid videos trying to go viral. If you like hair, do hair tutorials. If you like singing, make song covers. You like cooking, make cooking tutorials. You want people to watch your videos and feel like they’re watching the real you, not a fake who’s thirsty for fame. Make videos because you love it and videos that represent you. Last thing, work hard on your videos. People can tell at the start if you don’t put the time into your work (editing, shooting, good lighting, no background noise). Good quality will bring you a lot of subscribers and views.

Kreyolicious: What was the best advice you’ve been given?
Monsieur Blain: Do something because you love it, not because of the money and fame.

This concludes PART II of the interview with Youtube lifestyle vlogger Monsieur Blain. CLICK HERE if you missed PART I.

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