Interview: Lifestyle Youtuber Monsieur Blain On Being A Creative Entrepreneur

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black lifestyle youtuber Monsieur Blain
When subscribers and other Youtube regulars get a notification that lifestyle Youtuber Monsieur Blain has released a new video, they never know what they’ll find. Perhaps, it’ll be one of the content creator’s celebrity hair tutorials. Or it may be a reaction video. Or a challenge of some sort. Or, something a little bit more adventurous…say filming underwater for a mermaid segment. No wonder Monsieur Blain’s status on Youtube keeps rising and rising among the younger set of Millennials. In case you haven’t seen the videos on his channel that highlight his cultural background, the influencer is of Haitian descent. More about that later (ahem, Part II). For now, let’s discuss Youtube.

Kreyolicious: How did you become a Youtuber?
Monsieur Blain: I actually created my YouTube to make a photo slideshow of football pictures of my brother back in 2008. Eventually I created my own anime series grew quite a fan base then deleted it all and lost everything. If I would’ve kept at it, I would’ve had well over 100K subscribers by now. I know, what was I thinking! But years later, my brother showed me Superwoman. I fell in love with her and then regained inspiration to start up being a Youtuber again.

Kreyolicious: Your parents watch your videos?
Monsieur Blain: Oh geez, I hope not! Honestly I never asked. I don’t think they know thousands of people watch my videos. If I told them, they’d be like: “Ki sa? Tout noun sa!?” [What? All these people?]

Kreyolicious: When you’re about to release new content on your channel, do you ever think…”Man, what if two-three or five years from now I’m a whole different person and have developed a whole different point of view about this subject? What if one day I decide not to have an online life anymore…then what?”
Monsieur Blain: If I’m not a different person five years from now I failed myself in my personal growth. But I don’t worry about all that because I made the video for now at my current life perspective. My content is gonna mature over time but someday I’ll look back at my old content and cringe and/or laugh. If I were to show you my first few videos you’d cringe because they were so immature and unfunny.

If I decided to quit my online life I’d continue to do photography and videography. Plus, I’m a musician . Multiple streams of income. I’d be fine.

Kreyolicious: What are some of the most impactful books you’ve read in your life so far?
Monsieur Blain: Definitely the Bible. Read a lot of books but not a lot have the power of the Bible. It’s literally a guide to life in a book. Love it.
Black youtuber Monsieur Blain

Kreyolicious: Do you have a favorite video from your channel?
Monsieur Blain: My favorite is the Haitian Tag. I still laugh at that video til this day. No better video then a video with your close friends talking about life and dying of laughter in the process. That’s priceless to me.

Kreyolicious: What do you feel is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur and creative?
Monsieur Blain: The pressure of trying to outdo yourself and impress the critics at the same time. I have to tell myself: “Stop thinking so much, and just do it!”

Well, how did you guys like PART I of the interview with lifestyle Youtuber Mr. Blain. Be on the lookout for PART II.

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