Kreyol La Singer @tjozenny Escapes Death And Thanks Fans/Rescuers For Support

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Tjo Zenny Singer Escapes Death by Car Accident And Thanks Fans For Their Support
Haiti-based singer Tjo Zenny, leader of the group Kreyol La suffered a car accident yesterday morning in an area in Haiti called Cavaillon. He was trying to spare three people on a motorcycle and lost control of his SUV. For a hot minute, there was speculation all over social media about his supposed death. The singer took to his Instagram today to tell his fans that he was alright. In a gracious not, he wrote:

I’m going to keep doing good, ’til I can’t anymore. There was just one tree on that road! Just one! It’s the one that kept me from the Grim Reaper. I love people, so it’s only natural that nature should love me. Thank you Lord for sparing my life. Oh, well. Guess it was not my time yet. Special thanks to the folks in Cavaillon who had my back, and gave me their support. Special thanks going out to all the drivers who stopped on the road to help me. Thanks to the truck trailer driver who helped me tow the car. Thanks to everyone in the area who went out of their way to fetch water for me. Thanks to all the women in the area who took their time to take care of me. Thank you, officers. Thank you to the local chief and clerk at Cavaillon. Thank you Pierre and Ginou who stayed with me, who stood there with me. Thank you to the guys on the scooters, who went to get the towing guys. Thank you all. One day, I promise I’ll pay back the entire population of Cavaillon for all they’ve done for me. I’m the type who never forgets the good done to me me. And I will keep my word. Thanks again.

tjo zenny escapes death by car accident and thanks fans  and rescuers for support
Above: The site of the accident.

Earlier this year, Kreyol La and its leading man released a music video for the song “Turn Me On”. Reportedly working on his next musical opus, the singer and his bandmates are set to come to the USA for the Haitian Labor Day Festival in New York.


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