Entrepreneur Karen Civil On Philanthropy and The Importance of Giving Back to Haiti

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Karen Civil in Haiti 2
Entrepreneur Karen Civil wants you to know that the #LiveCivil hashtag is something she truly lives by, and the quotes that she always shares on her social media channels are genuine and heartfelt. The entrepreneur donated $41,000 to Sow A Seed, a ten-year-old foundation that helps Haiti’s orphans. The money is going towards building the Live Civil Playground, a play space for kids at the school Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje, that will foster physical and cognitive development (the playground will also include interactive math games, climbing towers, swings, and slides made from recycled materials).

Karen was able to attract rappers Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, record label impresarios Joie Manda of Interscope Records and Mack Maine of Young Money Records, as well as Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex; DJ Steph Floss and partner Jameel Davis. The boxer Andre Berto also joined these music industry heavyweights in providing financial support for this project.

Kreyolicious reached out to Karen to get a first-hand account of her trip to Haiti, and to discuss her generous donation.

Kreyolicious: What did a playground mean to you when you were little?

Growing up, the playground was somewhere laughter and joy was shared with friends. A place where bonds, and smiles were formed.

Kreyolicious: I was watching the video from your trip. You had this ever-present smile on your face as you interacted with the girls who will benefit from the Live Civil playground. Why was it so important for you to be part of this project?

It was important to to give back to the community and home of which my parents were born…I wanted to give other Haitian children the same joys and opportunities my parents allowed me to have.

Karen Civil Haiti Check
Karen Civil presenting Sow A Seed with a check.

Kreyolicious: Epiphanies come with travels. What’s the most important thing that you learned during your trip?

I learned to see the beauty in something that most people rarely see. People see Haiti as a place in turmoil…I got a chance to see the beauty in it, the educated children, the beautiful beaches.. the people committed to help change the lives of so many.

Kreyolicious: Was it easy getting folks like Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Funkmaster Flex, Mack Maine, Joie Manda, and a host of others to collaborate with this initiative?

No. These are people who are not just industry folks. I consider them friends. They believed in my vision, and saw it with me. They came in and supported.

Kreyolicious: Kreyolicious readers know you were in Haiti for a special cause…but girl, did you get a chance to do some sight-seeing, and eat some good food while there?

Yes, I loved the Observatoire de Boutilliers restaurant. The view and food was amazing. I got a chance to see the beaches with Wahoo Bay resorts, and they showed me Haiti and all its beauty.

Karen Civil Haiti

Kreyolicious: Karen Civil always finishes what she starts. Will you be involved in other initiatives whether charitable and artistic where Haiti is concerned?

The Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje school still needs help in other ways…I plan to continue to support them with repairs, activities and other initiatives.


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