ICYMI: Former Carimi Member Steps Out With New Band Kai- Releases Malad Video

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Richard Cave Kai Malad official music video
Richard Cave, a of now-defunct band Carimi has stepped out with Kai, his new band. He’s doing things big right off the bat, releasing “Malad”, a rad ballad alongside with a music video for the song.

In the lyrics for the track, we have a lovesick narrator who likens his obsessive and overly passionate feelings for a woman to an ailment. He’s forever condemned to the intensive care unit, but he likes it that way! He needs his “siwo”, he insists.

So far, so good. This new band has virtually retained the sound and flavor of Cave’s former band Carimi. Surely, with time, we’ll be able to distinguish a Kai song from a Carimi song.

Check out the song and music video below!

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