How Carel Pedre Is Changing Entertainment Journalism and Media In Haiti

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Carel Pedre’s work ethic pushes him to create original content seemingly around the clock. His Chokarella radio show has morphed into its own brand, the same way its creator has grown into a separate brand. Pedre introduced a show called “Lunch Break”, in which he has lunch in a posh restaurant in Haiti with a local celebrity. “Lunch Break” is a chance for the radio king to explore possibilities beyond radio, while giving people of Haitian descent living abroad an introspective view of life in Haiti.
Haiti tech summit multimedia journalist Carel Pedre
Carel Pedre with actress Vicky Jeudy. Photo Credit: Dave

The past and future of media is video, it’s been said. To that end, Pedre has amassed a collection of content on the Youtube platform, and conducts Facebook Live streamings that get thousands real-time viewers—not to mention later time watchers. He gets ideas for content series the way real estate developers get ideas for new gated communities. “Personality of the Week”, one of the segments he’s introduced on that platform, explore the life and work of Haiti’s cultural icons. Done in Haitian Creole, these egments introduce viewers to vibrant personalities that have made considerable impact on Haiti’s cultural landscape.

Like the Chokarella entertainment news segments, they’re a break for those who could care less about political talk and disheartening news bulletins, and would rather see the lighter side of Haiti. The fact that Haitian Creole is the language of choice in these videos make them appealing to those who have no knowledge or limited fluency in French, Haiti’s other official language. Those in other French Caribbean countries, can also relate to Chokarella’s content, though there are major variations in the other islands’ Creole and Haitian Creole.
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One of the most striking aspect of Carel Pedre’s content is his penchant to explore and give a platform to entertainment industries like stage theater that are not as heralded as other forms of entertainment, as well as health activism, such as a cancer awareness march he and his crew covered.

Pedre has launched a personal vlog to chronicle his life and career and give his viewers a more in-depth look about his work. The Port-de-Paix born media professional is also putting the finishing touches on what is bound to be Haiti’s first major podcast network. Pedre had previously begun a successful experimentation with the podcasting platform, first with “De Tout de Rien” (Everything and Nothing), a podcast with DJK9, a Haiti-based disc jockey. He’s since added Krik? Krak? hosted by Tina, that celebrates and seeks to revive Haiti’s storytelling tradition, as well as Woy podcast, in collaboration with singer-activist-media mogul Miss Talie, a social talk podcast that is parts Black Girls Pod, Black Girls Nerds, and even a bit of American Serial.

Pedre is the baseball player who goes to the field with multiple bats. He wants to hit all the bases. He breathes content marketing, drinks video strategy, and lives personal branding.


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