5 Facts Regarding Everything But A Man Starring Jimmy-Jean Louis and Gessica Geneus

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A scene from Everything But A Man starring Gessica Geneus and Jimmy Jean-LouisEverything But A Man stars award-winning actors Jimmy Jean-Louis and Gessica Geneus and veteran actress Monica Calhoun. The film debuted at the American Black Film Festival in Miami this past summer, and received a whopping six nominations. But here’s some other facts you need to know about it and its cast!

1. The film was directed and written by Oakland-born writer-director Nnegest Likké.
Likké, who spent some of her early years traveling Europe and Africa, is known for films that explore cultural differences. Everything But A Man centers on a black couple who have cultural differences. This is a theme in another Nnegest Likké film entitled Ben and Ara.

2. This is the second teaming of Louis and Likké.
This isn’t the first time Jimmy Jean-Louis and Likké are collaborating. Likké previously worked with Louis for Phat Girlz, a Fox Searchlight film released in the mid-2000s that grossed $7 million in the USA alone. In an interview with Black Hollywood Renaissance, the director stated that she thought that she’d get more offers from Hollywood after her film’s success, but had to get financing from African sources.

3…And the fourth pairing of Jimmy Jean-Louis and Gessica Geneus
According to IMDB Everything But A Man marks the fourth time that Jimmy Jean-Louis and actress Gessica Geneus have co-starred together in a feature film. The thespians previously appeared in the French TV movie Toussaint Louverture, and two Haitian Creole-language feature films Cousines and Le President a-t-il Le Sida, both released in the mid-2000s. Jean-Louis and Geneus will be on the talent roster for the Kareem Mortimer film Cargo.

4. Everything But A Man marks the eight time that Jimmy Jean-Louis has starred and produced or co-produced a production.
He keeps it low-key, but in addition to being a big man in front of the camera, Jimmy Jean-Louis has gotten more than a passing taste at producing. Other past production credits include the feature film Life Outside of Pearl, and the documentary Jimmy Goes to Nollywood. Prior to Everything But A Man, the “Hero” actor’s previous production credit was for the film The Empty Box (Spanish title: La caja vacía), directed by Claudia Saint-Luce.
Gessica Geneus, a co-star in the film Nothing But a Man, also starring Jimmy Jean-Louis

5. They started as teenagers.
Did you know that co-stars Monica Calhoun and Gessica Geneus have been acting since they were teenagers? IMBD indicates that Monica had her first role as an actress when she was just fourteen, and Gessica Geneus has been acting since the age of seventeen.


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