Kreyolicious Music Video: JBEATZ, I’m Doing Fine Ft. Rutshelle

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Kreyolicious Music Video…Kreyolicious Music Video…in which…in which…I watch a Kreyolicious video and throw around my random thoughts concerning it. Today’s video is by JBeatz, featuring Rutshelle, and produced by Cygney Design and J Beatz Entertainment/Se Sa Net Entertainment.
Jbeatz-courtroom 2
Love stories that start at a courtroom trial rarely end happily.
Jbeatz Rutshelle
So, the wife’s lawyer wants the two houses, the two bank accounts, and the two cars for her client? Well!

Jbeatz Rutshelle
His lawyer tries, but cannot beat the plaintiff’s legal eagle.
Jbeatz Im Doing Fine-4
He’s appalled by his attorney’s weak defense.
jbeatz Rutshelle
The judge decides in the wife’s favor.
jbeatz Rutshelle
The now-ex wife gloats.
jbeatz courtroom-6
He weeps.
Jbeatz Rutshelle
His stuff has been thrown out of the house.
jbeatz divorce aftermath
Some time has passed. He is now more or less back on his feet.
jbeatz Rutshelle
Oh, who’s this new chick?
jbeatz rutshelle
She’s got quite a smile on her.
jbeatz rutshelle I'm Doing Fine music video
Aw, has he found happiness again?
jbeatz rutshelle I'm Doing Fine
jbeatz Rutshelle
He puts on a little headband for her. Oh, how sweet.
JBeatz Rutshelle
Total bliss on the edge of the lake.
jbeatz rutshelle
Things are so rad, he’s brought a band to play on the lawn. Well!
Jbeatz rutshelle-
Wonder where they’re heading? To their new home? To the ex’shouse? I would hope not. Did he and the ex have kids together? Kids and visitations rights weren’t mentioned in the divorce settlement
jbeatz rutshelle music video Im Doing Fine
They’re having a discussion in the car. Probably about the ex, and whether the new girl should go in? Goodness, gracious she shouldn’t have come in the first place. Remaining in the car…Why would he bring her? To aggravate the ex-wife?
jbeatz rutshelle--
Ooh, girl…stay in the jeep! Get back in there…
jbeatz wife
The ex opens the door.
jbeatz wife ex
Slams the door in his face. Comes back out to bring out more of his clothes.
jbeatz rutshelle I'm Doing Fine video
She looks salty.
jbeatz vid
Pours clorox all over…
He came back for that?
jbeatz I'm Doing Fine ft.Rutshelle
Dude, you should have gone to Walmart to replace your wardrobe pieces.
jbeatz ex and wife showdown
A rumble!
jbeatz I'm Doing Fine ft. Rutshelle Guillaume
A well-meaning neighbor plays mediator and peacemaker.
jbeatz driving away
They drive away.
jbeatz cheers
They celebrate their joy.
jbeatz players
jbeatz ex wife cries
The wife cries.
jbeatz ex wife sesizman

She has to take a shot or two to calm that sezisman.
jbeatz rutshelle and jbeatz
New love.
This has been another episode of Kreyolicious Music Video. CLICK HERE to read past episodes.


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