Did you know that Jacques Roumain is one of the most translated Haitian authors ever?

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Jacques Roumain…ever heard of him? Did you know that Masters of the Dew (which was originally published under the French title Gouverneur de la Rosee) is one of the most translated works by a Haitian author, and that it was written by him? He’s in the company of Edwidge Danticat and Dany Laferriere, and of course Alexandre Dumas.

Well, take a look at these different editions….

Can you mJacques Roumain ake out this one? Take a guess!

It’s an Italian version.

This version is the English version, of course.

Jacques Roumain Masters of the Dew

It’s translated by none other than Langston Hughes himself, a frequent visitor to Haiti.

This has got to be…

Jacques Roumain Masters of the Dew book

The German version…


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