An Interview With TV Host and Media Maven Paulana Lamonier, Part II

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Paulana Lamonier TV hhost
Paulana Lamonier has written for some of the most prestigious names in media: Blavity, Black Enterprise, Her Agenda. In addition to digital journalism, she
Before she made her leap in the professional world, she interned at Epic and RCA/RCA Inspiration, as well as NYC’s prestigious WBAI station. Her strong work ethic at that latter media company earned her “Intern of the Month” honors. If Oprah needs someone to serve as successor to her, Ms. Lamonier just might be an heiress to that gilded throne.

Kreyolicious: Is there something that you used to be mediocre at, that you’ve improved tremendously at?
Paulana Lamonier: This is a great question. Professionally, I would say my writing. I feel that my writing used to be all over the place.

Kreyolicious: What factors led to the improvement?
Paulana Lamonier: One of my old supervisors told me find five writers whose works that I like and continuously read their work. Also practice makes permanent. So, not only did reading a lot help me, but practicing and writing for different websites, as well. Second is time management. Being a procrastinator was never a quality in me, but what has helped me are to-do lists that keep me on track on things that I have to do. My favorite website is Todoist.

Kreyolicious: When do you feel the most beautiful?
Paulana Lamonier: I feel the most beautiful after I’ve done a hard workout. I’m a swimmer. So a lot of my workouts are intense. And of course when I finish eating Lemon Pepper Wings from Wingstop.

Kreyolicious: You’ve been to Haiti?
Paulana Lamonier: Yes. Though I was born in the States, I would spend summers there as a kid. I was there twice in 2015 for a mission trip and family vacation.

Kreyolicious: Reading is good for your soul. What five books have changed your life?
Paulana Lamonier: I can name three books. They are The People Factor by Pastor Van Moody, Live the Life You Were Created to Live by Pastor Ernst Cochy, The Servant by James Hunter.

Kreyolicious: Out of all the coursework you took in college, which has proved to be the most relevant and beneficial to shaping you into the person that you are today?
Paulana Lamonier: This may be a bit surprising, but it’s been the career services courses I took in college that has taught me a lot. I learned about resume building, interviewing skills and etiquette, and how to land a job.

Kreyolicious: You’re a native New Yorker and you remained in New York for undergrad. Do you wish you had done things differently? Or—
Paulana Lamonier: I wish I went to a school that had a great journalism program. I went to CUNY York College and the journalism program, when I attended, was just a little under 5 years old. So they were a bit old school with the teachings and should’ve focused on new media. I was actually the first online editor for my school’s newspaper. So, that’s probably what I would’ve done differently.

Kreyolicious: Years from now, is super media moguldom something you aspire to? You’re already on the path and all…
Paulana Lamonier: Thank you! If there’s one persons career I’d like to follow is one of Oprah, Queen Latifah or Lala Anthony. Oprah and Lala started in media like myself and from there has evolved and didn’t let their current career titles limit them. So that’s the end goal for me. Journalism isn’t the end all, be all for me. It’s a stepping stone for the next phase in my career. What will that be? You’ll just have to wait and see.

This is the latest installment of Yap Mennen, in which your fave chick Kreyolicious highlights the accomplishments of a baller of Haitian descent. Today’s subject was Paulana Lamonier. CLICK HERE to read other episodes!

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