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medical concierge firm Vie Cachee
It’s almost as if it was a given that Nadeige Elie would create a medically-related venture if she ever became an entrepreneur. Growing up, the New Jersey-born student was surrounded by relatives who worked in the healthcare industry. The daughter of Haitian immigrant parents, Elie herself became a nurse and is now a key player in the multi-million dollar luxury medical concierge industry as the founder and CEO of California-based Vie Cachee. Vie Cachee has offices in Vienna and Dubai, and in addition to Los Angeles, the firm has offices in Florida and New York.

Kreyolicious: How did your company take shape?
The concept of my company, Vie Cachee, was first inspired by an experience I had, as a patient. At that point, I came to understand the importance of patient advocacy and having a knowledgeable support system to ensure you get the standard of care you are entitled to. During my hospitalization, my loved ones were always there to monitor the nurses’ interactions with me, they would intervene on my behalf in the event that the professionals were rendering sub-par care. There was a certain level of respect that the nurses and physicians had for me as a patient, knowing I came from a medical background and had my knowledgeable loved ones present to advocate for me and safeguard my health. Vie Cachee provides the ability for our clients to take control of their health and to have input in their treatment options. We also serve as support for loved ones, aiding our busy clients in protecting their children, aging parents, and ill family members. As a parent, being unable to be everywhere at once, we ensure your family is given the best care available. For example, my mother, a nurse, would take my child to the doctor’s office when I was unable. Having a knowledgeable and trustworthy support system is paramount. We are the knowledgeable family member.

Kreyolicious: What shepreneurs do you look up to?
Oprah Winfrey. She is compassionate, but still strong-willed. She sets a standard and expects her team to see it through without any compromise. She encourages the growth of others, providing them with opportunities to meet their highest potential. She see’s greatness around her and cultivates it. I am always in favor of leaving the world a far better place than the way I found it, and extending that same fortune to others.

Kreyolicious: Books are a great source of motivation for entrepreneurs. Which books and authors have inspired you in your journey?
T.D. Jakes, particularly one of his latest works, Destiny. I find him inspirational. His approach is not typically from a Biblical brow-beating stance, but rather from a very personable and honest standpoint. He seems to find a way to reach people where ever they may be presently in life, and guiding their growth from that point. He speaks to inspire greatness, and empower those listening. He never uses faith in a way to diminish other’s sense of self-worth, but to encourage confidence through his teachings.

Kreyolicious: What counsel do you have for an aspiring medical industry entrepreneur?
Allow the realization that we all inevitably become patients at some point in our lives to become your driving force, enabling you to push past your moments of discomfort, fear, and anxiety. You may be tired, but consider as to whether you would allow that excuse from someone when you’re not receiving the care you deserve. Compassion is what motivates me to get out of bed at 3 am to personally establish care plans for my clients, it’s what drives me to be uncompromising in the quality of care and attention to every last detail. The genuine concern for the well-being of our clients is the force behind Vie Cachee’s success.

Kreyolicious: Do you think that entrepreneurship is easier this century, compared with the other centuries before us?
Definitely. We are in the age of the self-taught, a path typically stridden by entrepreneurs. As a generation, to have access to such a wide span of knowledge is unprecedented. The amount of knowledge available is only surpassed by reach and influence. This age, albeit taken for granted, is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Kreyolicious: Technology plays a big role in Vie Cachee?
Yes. Although we are an entity with viable presence and real employees, we are technology-based. Our entire business model is formed around accessibility. The only way we could possibly cater to an international client base is via the latest advancements in technology. All it takes is a phone call.

Kreyolicious: Is it hard “living” while running a business? How do you create balance?
What is this “balance” you speak of?

Kreyolicious: Hah!
All jokes aside, entrepreneurs must have an understanding of creating work life balance, emphasis on the term “creating”. You’re no good to others if you neglect yourself.



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