An Interview With @GuyAMichel, Cellist #kreyolicious

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Guy A Michel Cello player
Jimmy Hendrix chose the guitar. Guy Michel chose the cello. The South Florida-based musician showed off his skills by playing the instrument on “Alo”, a Creole rendition of Adele’s “Hello” by the singer-songwriter Saskya Sky. He has performed for audiences in Haiti, Nicaragua and Ireland.

As the one-half of the cello-DJ duo GMNI Guy has performed at the food festival Taste of Haiti festival, Diner En Blanc the West Palm Beach edition as well at the Soho Beach House in Miami, among other events.

He’s released Rebirth, an EP of covers of songs by Akon, Sia, Marisi, Aerosmith and others.

The Port-Au-Prince-born musician started playing the instrument at the age of five. What led to his attachment to the instrument? Read on to find out.

Kreyolicious: Why the cello of all instruments?
I wanted to be different. I like the warm and sometimes dark sound of the cello.
Guy A Michel Cello player

Kreyolicious: And who taught you?
A teacher named Dickens Princivil in Haiti

Kreyolicious: Do you imagine yourself doing an album eventually?
I’m currently working on my first original solo album.

Kreyolicious: Which artists do you most admire?
Yoyo Ma, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, etc. There are a lot more, but these people were not afraid to be unique.
Guy Michel cellist
Photo Credit: WFR Photo/JJ Jansen V Vuuen

Kreyolicious: I’m not surprised that MJ is on this list. You covered “Human Nature”, one of his classics…When another artist comes forward and asks you to collaborate on a record, what is your approach usually?
I look at their personality, ambition, [their] willingness to try something new, and so on.

Kreyolicious: Speaking of which, you teamed up with Saskya Sky for her Creole edition of Adele’s Hello. Tell us about that.
She approached me and told me she had an idea to do something that’s never been done with me with Adele. She sang a few lines, and I was sold. I knew she was on to something.

Kreyolicious: When did you realize that you were getting good at the cello?
I realized that the first four months. I was advancing very rapidly.
Guy Michel Rebirth

Kreyolicious: Do you ever think of taking up another instrument?
I also play the saxophone.

Kreyolicious: The saxophone! How does it compare with the cello?

Kreyolicious: Do your parents come to your shows?
They used to but not as often anymore, unless it’s a really major event.
Guy Michel cello
Photo Credit: WFR Photo/JJ Jansen V Vuuen

Kreyolicious: What advice would you give to someone who wants to take up an instrument?
[I’d say] make sure you really study the fundamentals.



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