How Instagrammer 1NegLakay Turned A Meme Page Into A Business

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1NegLakay Instagram account Haitian
It’s only a matter of time before the Instagrammer 1NegLakay acquires 50,000 followers. His account currently has more than 40,000 fans already, so this follower milestone will be a mere piece of cake, er piece of dous makos. Wesley, the originator of the account, knows that he has a winner under his fingers. He started sharing funny memes about Haitian culture as a theme, and through consistent posting, and with a legion of Haitian-Americans out there looking for a non-ending source of laughter, well, 1NegLakay has grown from a simple Instagram account to a full-pledged business, with the digital influencer launching an online store SizoStore to capitalize on his account’s popularity.

Kreyolicious: What made you start the sizo store?
1NegLakay: I wanted something I can look at and say “that’s mine.” Something my future grandchildren’s children would benefit from and happily say “that’s ours.” I have a passion for fashion. I believe that you make your first impression with the way we look. I have always had that motto growing up so I wanted to share my flavor of fashion with others.
1NegLakay Wesley Samedi
Kreyolicious: What would you say to someone who wants to be a digital influencer?
1NegLakay: Don’t do it. You will have me as a competition and that’s not a good thing. [Laughter] Just kidding. It’s really about having a goal and sticking with it. Be sure of your brand and the message you are trying to get across. If you want to do comedy, work at it, if you want to do videos, it’s the same mentality, work at it till it becomes natural to you. And as well be a people person because it is all about interacting with others and above all, be humble.
1NegLakay Instagram meme account Haitian
Kreyolicious: Do your parents know that they have a social media influencer for a son?
1NegLakay: I don’t think they know but I do think they have seen the memes because they are on Facebook but I don’t think they make the connection. But if my dad was to find out , he probably wouldn’t be surprised because he is a jokester himself and that’s probably where I got the trait from. I grew up laughing at his jokes. [Even] today, I‘m still grateful to have him in my life because he is very funny. Wherever he is at he stays cracking jokes.
Neglakay Instagram account

Kreyolicious: Where do you hope to take your brand?
1NegLakay: We want to continue making people laugh and make connections. We hope the popularity of the page flourishes that way we can reach more people and establish a solid platform for young and middle age Haitians in the States and abroad. We know the world is a tough place and people deal with various issues on a daily basis and if we can bring a smile to one person during a tough, that’s a big accomplishment for us.

This concludes the interview with Instagrammer 1NegLakay founder Wesley. CLICK HERE if you missed PART I of our interview. And don’t forget to check out 1NegLakay….

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