Hencha Voigt WAGS Miami Top Moments

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Hencha Voigt Wags Miami Top moments
Haitian model Hencha Voigt brings excitement wherever she goes. Chicks want to be her friends. Guys wonder what it would be like to have her as a significant other. And she brings plenty of heat and sparkle to E! Entertainment channel’s reality show WAGS Miami. So presenting: Hencha Voight WAGS Miami Top Moments.

In which Hencha Voigt shows her vulnerability…

In which Hencha apologizes to her fellow WAGS Miami teammate.

In which Hencha plays the angelic messenger.

There you have it, folks: So presenting: Hencha Voigt WAGS Miami Top Moments.

WAGS Miami has been renewed for a second season. Who knows, it may even be renewed for a third season! And moving forward, wouldn’t it be interesting if Hencha received her own show? E! producers won’t have to think too hard for a title. “Hencha” would be pretty catchy! Maybe the show could center on Hencha’s life as she continues to build her brand.

Hencha Voigt has made no secret of her fondness for fitness. Maybe one of the storylines could center on Hencha attempting to change the lives of other women though fitness. And perhaps some of the scenes could be filmed in Haiti, which would be extra, extra clutch!

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