10 Haitian Women Journalists You Should Know About, Part II

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Haiti’s women journalists are on the move! Some are veterans in the field. Some created their own space in order to practice journalism, while others have been at it for less than a decade! So who are they? Your fave chick Kreyolicious did some research and uncovered them! Check out these women who are leaders in the media game on the grounds in Haiti. CLICK HERE if you missed PART I.

6. Dorcas Simon
Dorcas Simon hosts a show called “Fenèt Kiltièl” on RTNH, one of Haiti’s television networks. She also co-hosts “Mental 9”, a health and mental wellness issues talk show.

7. Gaelle C. Alexis
Haiti's women journalists Gaelle C. Alexis
If there’s something going on in the world of showbiz in Haiti, Gaelle C. Alexis knows it. Alexis spent several years as a staff entertainment writer for Haiti’s entertainment weekly Ticket Magazine.

8. Tamara Orion
Haitian women journalists
A multifaceted journalist, Tamara Orion was affiliated with Signal FM, a radio network in Haiti. According to her Twitter biography, she is now the spokesperson for Haiti’s Presidential Office.

9. Kristina Julme
Haitis female journalists
When it comes to bringing Haiti’s young women and young men together, The Pied Piper has nothing on Kristina Julme. With little resources available to her, the digital web journalist launched Bèl Nègès, a website with self-help, beauty, personal development, health and wellness articles…all written in Haitian Creole.

Her stellar digital journalism has won her and her web brand more than 10,000 fans on Facebook alone.

10. Esmeralda Milce
Esmeralda Milce Haitis women journalists
Esmeralda Milce has made a name for herself in Haitian television, as news anchor at Television Nationale D’Haiti, Haiti’s flagship television station. Trained at CFPJ of Paris, Milce also attend Fasch, a journalism training institute in Haiti. According to Jean Serghino Lindhor of MultiMedia Haiti, Milce received the Jacques Roche Award, an award for journalism excellence in Haiti.

There you have it folks, Haiti’s women journalists! Get to know them!

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