Interview With Haitian Social Media Sensation Kowkow, Part 2

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An interview with Kowkow, Haitian social media internet.
He’s a rapper, poet, but most of all Haitian social media sensation Kowkow is a fashion bomb. He had been creating a name for himself in Miami, but he became a huge dot on a lot of folks’ radar after he showcased his unique fashion sense at Miss Boss Entertainment’s Haitian Music Entertainment Awards last month. In Part I of our interview, he gave us an introduction to himself as an artist. But let’s get to know the man behind the zany moniker a bit more!

Kreyolicious: Some folks love advice. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
“Don’t worry about what haters think about you. You’re an trend, an upcoming legend, you will go very far, and don’t give up.”
Guess where I got that advice from? Me! I sleep with that advice on top of my head. I wake up and I live with it.

Kreyolicious: In your Instagram bio, you make mention of your marital status, which male celebrities seldom do. What advice would you give to men out there who would like to jump the broom…
When it comes to marriage advice, I wouldn’t say I’m the perfect adviser for those who want to jump the broom. But for those who are truly seeking for my advice, there are a lot of pretty girls out there and it is very, very, very hard to find someone that can really stay faithful. So whenever you find a lovely one that cares about you, and love you for who you really are—not because you’re a celebrity—treat her with respect. Create time for her. Girls love that a lot [Laughter], and don’t cheat. Please just don’t. Why bother losing diamond over rocks?
Kowkow, the Haitian internet sensation, an interview
Kreyolicious: Which artists have inspired you?
Eminem and Kowkow. Just us. [Laughter]

Kreyolicious: Finish this sentence for me, Kowkow. My biggest regret is…
I don’t have any regrets. I always stand behind anything and everything I do—no matter what the outcome is.
Kowkow, an interview with the Haitian Internet Sensation

Kreyolicious: Do you read a lot, Kowkow?
They say the better you read, the better you write. I guess that’s why I stopped writing because I don’t read. Paragraphs give me headaches [Laughter]. That’s just me [Laughter].

Kreyolicious: When was the last time you visited Haiti, KowKow?
The summer of 2015.
Haitian sensation Kowkow, featuring Fetty Wap
Above: Kowkow with fellow rapper Fetty Wap, sporting Kowkow-branded shirts.

Kreyolicious: What can we look forward to from KowKow?
A movement…watch out for my sense of creativity and also my clothing line. I’m also working on a EP that’s supposed to dropped this November, if God willing. Epi, Kowkow nan tet yo. Yo pral di se pa mwen wi. [And Kowkow all up their heads. They’ll swear it’s not me].

This concludes PART II of the interview with Haitian social media sensation Kowkow. CLICK HERE if you missed PART I of the interview with Kowkow. Don’t forget to check out the Kowkow visuals below! |CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW KOWKOW ON INSTAGRAM TO KEEP UP WITH HIS MUSIC, STYLE, AND MORE!

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