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Haitian Music Spotlight: “Banm Nouvèl Ou” Music Video + Lyrics, Belo

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belo banm nouvel ou

Has someone ever said, “How are you doing?” to you and by the time you opened your mouth to answer the question, the said person had already turned to someone else, or had already walked away? And you wondered to yourself,”What’s the point of asking how I’m doing if you’re not going to stick around and wait for me to answer?”

In some cultures, when one asks how the other is doing, it’s imperative that the questioner receives an answer from the questionee. Do you ever notice how the older generations react when someone asks them “Banm nouvèl ou”? Banm nouvèl ou—those words in Creole—means more than “How are you doing?” It means what’s happening in your life right now. What’s bothering you? Are you alright? I remember when my grandmother used to get these phone calls, and my goodness forbid if someone should pose that question to her! She would spent half of that phone conversation, elaborating on her answer!

It’s one thing when one asks about how one is doing and cares little about the answer, but it’s another not to be asked at all.

“Banm Nouvèl Ou” the newest music video from the singer-songwriter Belo, shows the alienation of a couple. He’s a musician and very much absorbed in his music. He’s so concentrated on getting his guitar riffs right that he doesn’t take note of his partner’s discontent. She looks into a mirror, and watches him out of the corner of her eyes. She looks terribly unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied, as if there’s a lot that’s gone unsaid. What’s more they’re not living in a home, but a hotel, no doubt to facilitate his career. She smiles at him; she’s no doubt pleased at his success. But in all their scenes together, it seems like things are always about him. He talks; she listens.

He’s at loss when she’s emotionally drawing away from him. Privately, she practices on her guitar strings. She’s never shared this gift with him apparently. Their relationship gives meaning to the saying that one can be in a relationship and still be alone.

He wanders off into a club, only to find out that the star performer that night is none other than his girl! In making him the center of her world, she had almost forgotten about herself, and her own dreams. But no more. Now he understands.

The video features Princess Eud showing off her acting skills, as well as her roots dancing know-how. “Banm Nouvèl Ou” is directed by Guerrier Jean-Franky and features eye-catching bright yellows and orange that are well-pleasing to the eyes. Belo lets loose on the stage in several scenes, diverting from his usual stoic video performances.


Banm nouvèl ou—
M’ta renmen gen nouvèl ou
Tanpri fèm jwenn nouvel ou ou
Tanpri fèm jwenn nouvel ou ou
Ou ret konsa ou disparèt nan vi’m
Bagay sa a toumante lesprim
Ou pa rele, ou pa menm ekrim
Pa dim lanmou’w gentan enmim
mchache nouvel ou, mrele tout zanmiw
m’frite douvan pòt tout fanmiw
mwen vle reprann plas mwen nan viw
o non mwen pèdi’w
Gras o.. map mandew gras o…
Mwen sèmante, mptito ranpe
Men mwen pap janmè kitew ale
banm nouvel ou
m’ ta renmen gen nouvel ou
tanpri fèm jwenn nouvel ou ou (
plizyè semen gentan passe
mwen pa tandew, kote ou ye
pa dim lanmouw gentan fane
menm si chimen’m paka kwaze
yon mezantant fè nou fache
s’on move pant, jodia m’ye
mal tèt chagren ak kè kase
siw pa passe, map trepase
Gras o.. map mandew gras o…
Mwen sèmante, mptito ranpe
Non mwen pap kitew

pa bliyew se fanm lavim, manman’m vye sò’m trezo mwen
pesonn paka remplasew, ou’k sel metrès ounfo mwen
Wonga negèz mwen
7 kout bagèt mwen
Lwa ki nan tèt mwen
Tanpri tounen

ooooo, oooo, oooo
Se nan ginenw te ye, se nan ginenw te ye, se nan ginenw te ye
Mape chachew mwen pa trouve’w
Mape chache’w mwen pa trouve’w
Banm nouvèl ou
M’ta renmen gen nouvèl ou
Tanpri fèm jwenn nouvèl ou ou

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