Haitian Music Merchandising: 5 Examples of How Haitian Musical Artists Are Branding Themselves Beyond Music

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Exploring Haitian music merchandising! Some Haitian bands and artists are expanding their reach and their business aim by dabbling in things other than music. Join me your favorite chick Kreyolicious as I give a quick survey of Haitian artists and how they’re branding themselves beyond the music world. It’s their way of saying, “Music is business, but there is business beyond the business of music.”

1. A hoodie from the musical group Vogge.
Vogge Haitian music merchandising
Their line of merchandise also includes tee-shirts and mugs.
Haitian music merchandising

2. Haiti rapper Princess Eud has a line of clothing Eud Collection.
Haitian music merchandising
The clothing line features for her male and female fans. It’s highly influenced by West African clothing patterns.
Haitian music merchandising
In a previous interview with Kreyolicious, the singer said that the clothing line started with the many inquiries she received from fans about her fashion sense and style.

3. Port-au-Prince-based rapper and visual artist Niska with her burgeoning clothing line.
Haitian music merchandising
The line includes tees, jackets and hats.
Haitian music merchandising
The pieces from the rapper/visual artist’s collection emphasize comfort and cultural awareness.

4. A perfume from Nu-Look and its bandleader.
Haitian music merchandising
There is a version for men and for women.
Haitian music merchandising
Historically, perfume brands have been one of the primary ways in which musical artists and pop stars expound on their brands.

5. Singer Rutshelle lent her name to these caps.
Haitian music merchandising Rutshelle
The caps came in several colors. A photo of the singer sporting the cap, at one time circulated on the internet.
Haitian music merchandising Rutshelle hats
It remains to be seen whether other items will be added to this collection, or if she plans on having a full-pledged clothing line.
Photo Credit: Jeneral Killa

There you have it folks, 5 stellar examples of Haitian music merchandising. In pushing these non-musical items, these artists and bands are taking advantage of business opportunities available to them, expanding their brands, and experimenting with business models beyond the world of music.

One aspect of these ventures that ought to be noted…was whereas in the mainstream a company like Sears teams up with Selena Gomez for her clothing line, a brand like Coty creates perfume brands in collaboration with celebs like Gwen Stefani, and fragrance giant Parlux was involved in the creation of Mariah Carey’s and Rihanna’s perfume lines, these Haitian artists primarily back themselves.

Haiti has big brands like Barbancourt and Couronne, brands so huge that some of us who have yet to go to Haiti, have heard of. Perhaps some of these brands should consider going beyond endorsements and do creative collaborations with these artists.

Just a thought…

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