The Rise of the Haitian American Food Bloggers

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Looking for a Haitian food bloggers or for Haitian American food vlogs? It won’t be like looking for a needle in a stack of hay. They’re everywhere, these days! Haitian Americans are wanting to keep Haitian cooking traditions alive. Some were taught Haitian cooking while growing up, and others weren’t, and the ones in the latter group have made it a personal mission to teach themselves and to teach others wanting to develop and apply their Haitian cooking skills! Consider this as a…well, Kreyolicious Haitian American food blogging investigation.

Haitian food vlogs like Cooking the Haitian Way from Joanna Benoit was among the first known Haitian cooking tutorial channels on the web from the mid-2010s era.

But new folks are popping up.

Haitian food bloggers Chef Jude Pierre
Meet Haitian-American entrepreneur and foodie Chef Jude Pierre, for instance. He is the host of “The Sauce”, a Haitian food vlog on Youtube. He makes use of heavy Haitian-American presence on Facebook, and regularly has livestreaming of his cooking.

Haitian food bloggers Chef Jude
Pierre has also Krem de la Krem, a Haitian spirits business for the Haitian delight kremas (er, it’s kinda like pina colada, only better!). He also founded Jude’s Surprise Box, a subscription food company, in which Haitian food lovers can get an assortment Haitian food treats delivered at their door…kinda like a Curlbox…but for Haitian food!
Above: A Haitian food seafood dish done by Chef Jude.

Haitian food bloggers Haitian food vloggers
Manie Chery of Love for Haitian Food hit the 10,000 subscribers mark. In an interview, she discussed being approached by a publisher about releasing a Haitian cookbook.

Haitian food bloggers
She started her Love for Haitian Food vlog after searching unsuccessfully for Haitian food recipes. In addition to her Haitian fod channel on Youtube, she also maintains a Haitian cooking website of the same name.

Haitian American food vloggers and Haitian food bloggers
Based in North Dakota, Haitian-American food vlogger Chef Lamise Oyugi dishes out her recipes for Haitian and Caribbean food. She is high in demand for food demonstrations and culinary workshops.
Haitian food bloggers Chef Lamise

Other brand-expanding ventures are on the horizon for the blogger.

Island Vibe Cooking is another Haitian American food blog. It has not yet turned a year old, and already has more than 100,000 views and its subscriber list is growing. There are recipes from everything from fried pork and plantain sandwiches to papaya smoothies.

The blogger behind Tchaka Haiti is based in Haiti, and features Haitian food recipes and food history alongside her recipes. Chef Land Land adds Haitian American spin to her recipes on Chef Land Land’s World.

Taicha of Taicha’s cuisine offers viewers Haitian recipes with her fun, laid-back style and encourages the use of organic products in meal preparation.

Did you know there were that many Haitian-American/Haitian food bloggers out there? Could you be the next one? Get started with honing your craft as a Haitian food blogger today!

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