An Interview With The Haitian Cooking Blogger Behind Taicha’s Cuisine

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An interview with the Haitian food blogger behind Taicha's Cuisine
Haitian cooking and Haitian food in general is getting its property due, thanks to bloggers like Natacha Josselin who’s behind the Taicha’s Cuisine blog. Her simple-to-follow video uploads on the Youtube channel has earned her many followers. The mommy of three, who’s also the founder of a gospel ministry, emphasizes healthy cooking in all her recipes.

Kreyolicious: What was your relationship with Haitian food like growing up?
Growing up in Haiti in a house full of aunties, grandmas, and cousins. Someone was always dishing something. I was the youngest little girl in the house and the pickiest eater, I didn’t have a big appetite. I remember saying to myself I can’t wait till I get older so I can eat all the Fritay(fried food) that want! I was just thinking like a child but eventually, I grew up liking all the healthiest Haitian food such as Legumes and Bouillon.

Kreyolicious: Who do you credit with showing you your way around a kitchen?
I credit my Nininne (my godmother), Mimose Lyncee and my Auntie Mirelle Emile who took good care of me after my mother passed away at the age of seven months. these two ladies did an awesome job teaching me my way around the kitchen and also how to take care of a household like a strong Haitian woman. I am grateful to have them in my life.
Haitian food blogger Taicha's Cuisine

Kreyolicious: How did the idea for creating Taicha’s Cuisine come about?
Cooking comes so naturally to me. I never really see the good that could come out of it until my husband Kenny gave me the creative idea to become a food blogger because he believes that I can make a significant difference in other people’s lives by sharing my delicious healthy recipes. I am glad I took his advice. I am new to Youtube, and so far my channel is doing well. I thank all my viewers, subscribers who continue to encourage me to make more videos because they find my recipes really helpful. My fan[base] support is part of the fuel that keeps me going.

Kreyolicious: What’s it like doing ingredient shopping and budgeting for your channel?
I cook on a daily basis so budgeting my channel is not really that difficult for me, but finding the time to record and editing my videos while my twins toddlers are running around the house and my four-month-old daughter who also needs my attention is very challenging. but so far I am trying the best I can to upload at least a video once a week.
Haitian food blogger Taicha's Cuisine Haitian cooking blog

Kreyolicious: What do you wish you had known starting out?
I wish I knew that I needed to be consistent with uploading videos. When I first started, I would spend a whole month without uploading a video. Now I know that I need to keep my viewers engaged in order to run a Youtube channel. The best pieces of advice I would give to someone starting their own channel are: love what you do, be consistent and make sure you’re having fun.

Kreyolicious: When did you realize you were getting somewhere?
I spent a whole month I didn’t even check my channel, one day I decided to check on it I noticed one of my videos had one-thousand views! That was really encouraging. From that point on, I decided to keep going. In addition, one day I received an email from you Kreyolicious requesting an interview for my channel. I was beyond excited then I realized that my channel is really getting somewhere. I hope in less than three years, my brand will make a difference in the Haitian Community.
Haitian food bloggers Taicha's Cuisine

Kreyolicious: What’s it like being part of the Haitian American food bloggers community?
I really embrace the opportunity of being part of the Haitian-American food bloggers community that is making a tremendous difference in bringing more exposure to our culture for the world to see despite everything Haiti is going through it still remains La Perle des Antilles.

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