These 10 Haitian Female News Anchors and TV Hosts Are Giving The Men A Run For Their Money

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We’ve already discussed the women who are calling the shots and creating a name for themselves on the grounds in Haiti. They are mostly radio broadcasters, and handful work in the print journalism field, and in the digital realm. But what of the women who serve as Haiti’s television news anchors and TV hosts? Ya’ll already know how much I love to do research…Well, who are Haiti’s female anchors, TV hosts and personalities killing it in Haiti? Well, here they are…in no particular order…

1. Shelove Perrin
Haitian Women Journalists Shelove Perrin Petionville
Like many modern women of media, Perrin has a huge platform online. She’s amassed a community of over 400,000 on Facebook. One of the rare women sportscasters in Haiti, Perrin is the helmer of SheShe22, a sports news website.

CLICK HERE to visit Shelove Perrin’s website.

2. Ange Bellie Andou
Haitis female tv anchors and hosts
Ange Bellie Andou hosts “On s’dit tout” (We Tell it All), a sit-down entertainment show that is a tame version of “The Wendy Williams Show”. Haiti’s contemporary stars sit on a comfy couch and pour their little hearts out to her. Andou puts her guests at ease with a decidedly feminine backdrop. Besides celebrities, some segments center around relationships, skin bleaching, and even infertility. The show airs Tele Pacific 54 network in Haiti.

3. Edelene Vernal
Haitis female news anchors
A news anchor for television network Radio Tele Pacific, Vernal has a growing presence on social media.

4. Emmanuella Dorestal
Haitis female TV News Anchors
Emmanuella Dorestal is a cultural and entertainment reporter for Radio Tele Guinen 18, a television station in Port-au-Prince.

5. Anne-Daphne Lemoine
Haitian female anchors
Anne-Daphne Lemoine is a TV host at Radio Tele Metropole. She is also a broadcasting entrepreneur, having founded ANDALEM, a startup that develops shows for radio and television.

6. Violine Thelusma
Haitian female TV anchors
Violine Thelusma begun her career with the United Nations broadcasting in Haiti. According to one source, prior to beginning her work in television broadcasting, she worked for MINUSTAH Radio.

Thelusma’s reports tend to be enterprising, such as one she did about a group of deaf and mute entrepreneurs in Haiti.

7. Stephanie Jean
Haitis female tv anchors
Stephanie Jean serves as the co-host of a comedy talk show entitled “Demokrasi” on StormTV, one of Haiti’s younger TV networks. She serves as the foil for her more comedic co-hosts.

8. Cindy Cassandra “Caseedee” Destine
Haitis TV News Anchors and TV Anchors
When it comes to Haiti’s showbiz community, Ms. Destine is the go-to girl. She is the host of “Matin Magazine Show Bizz”, an entertainment show in which she discusses Haiti’s musical and arts scene.

CLICK HERE to visit Cindy Cassandra “Caseedee” Destine’s Youtube channel.

9. Ginadelle Augustin
Haiti's tv news anchors and hosts
Ginadelle Augustin studied at Jacmel’s Law School. But on television law and local statutes are far from her mind. The twenty-something is a sportscaster for Tele Ginen.
[Photo Credit: Le Nouvelliste]

10. Anedie Azael
Haitian female TV anchors Anedie Azael
A former Miss Haiti, Anedie Azael has morphed herself into an entrepreneur and a beauty and lifestyle show host. Called “Glamour TV Show”, the show is just as its name indicates…a blend of beauty and fashion topics. On a weekly basis, viewers can watch her interview guests like designer Chrystelle Dominique of MeJeanne Couture on her show.

There you have it. Hooray for these ladies!

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